Street Fighter producer teases Intel World Open news

Feb 05 2020 2 min read

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Street Fighter V executive producer, Yoshinori Ono teased an upcoming update regarding the Intel World Open on Twitter. Very little was said with no specifics, but current speculation is that it has something to do with the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’s netcode.    

Early in January, Reddit user Altimor created a mod to improve the game’s online issues, and his project made a considerable improvement. However, that has put Capcom in a tough situation as it’s not perfect and prevents some players from enjoying online play. The mod improves PC gameplay but is also a nightmare for Playstation 4 opponents. As a result, a good part of its playerbase is unable to take advantage of the mod while the other half makes use of it all the time. 

Ono has stated in the past that he’s aware of the situation and assured fans that a development team is hard at work finding a solution. No timeline was shared, but its most likely that the official fix will arrive before Intel World Open. Capcom has been testing out a new game mode that is designed to make online tournaments much easier to run and compete.  

Since the first leg of the Intel World Open will hold online, it's entirely plausible that the upcoming tournament mode is being developed for it and future events. Ono's statement reads, "Intel World Open qualifies is just around the corner next month!! We're working on some updates to ensure you're satisfied with Intel World Open. We're looking forward to you participating in that.

It's a lot of speculation, but the netcode problem is an issue that affects the Street Fighter community as a whole. At first, many believed that Capcom would ban Altimor's mod, but they didn't, which has now led fans to believe that an official fix is almost here. Altimor's mod has spawned other attempts by fans to fix the PS4 problems in his solution, which has only served to worsen the situation. So a Capcom fix is required as soon as possible. 

Intel World Open will feature competitions in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and Rocket League. With a $250,000 prize pool on the line, players will fight for glory at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo, from July 22-24, 2020. 


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