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Diablo III, Hearthstone and World of Warcraft. If you have ever played these gamed and watched somebody stream them, then you might know one of the most famous and popular Blizzard-fan guys: Kripparrian.  Let's hit the ground running: Kripp is so cool that he was the first to finish Diablo III at "Inferno" difficulty level with "Hardcore" characters (it means you die — you lose everything) before v.1.03 was released — a patch that made the game "completable" at the highest level. He disenchanted Hearthstone cards worth 600k dust at a time — crashing his client with it (and almost Blizzard's servers). In 2010, he set the record of most damage per second made by Hunter class in World of Warcraft and was the first ever person to complete the Ironman Challenge in the game. And he loves orange juice. Fantastic. 

Kripparrian has almost a million subs on Youtube and 1,2 million subs on Twitch. Today, Octavian is all into Dota Underlords, and we are waiting for him to do something everybody will try to repeat. Who is he, how did he get to where he is now, why Blizzard adores him and more interesting stuff about Kripparrian — in our new Streamer Profile!

Biography and personal life

Octavian Morosan is a Romanian Canadian, born on June 30, 1987, which means he is 32 years old at the moment. At his younger ages, Octavian studied physics and mathematics in a college but dropped out: he didn't like it at all, and decided to work as a computer technician instead. Kripparrian wasn't planning to start a gaming career at first, as he just played the games in his free time. If you ever watched his streams, you'll know that Octavian is not a blabbermouth: he sits right there in his chair, thinks a lot and makes moves. Then, he explains everything. He never rages. He is one of the calmest people alive. It's quite an unusual and attractive thing about his gaming and media career: his audience likes what he does and just to see him playing because there's no show, only deep analytics, advice, observation and lots of study. Octavian is not just a streamer — he is a hell of a player.

When I play games, I want to be better than the other people who I'm playing.

But what man stands firm without a woman behind the scenes? Kripparrian is married to Rania underflowR Chatzi Morosan, a greek girl. They have a true gamer-romantic story of XXI century: she was one of his followers year ago, DMed him, they started chatting on Skype and voila — fell in love with each other. Rania was studying Artificial Intelligence at the University in Greece, but then she decided to become Kripp's manager and partner. 

"We believed that there was a lot of potential to grow both Twitch and YouTube by putting more time and effort into them," she says. "At the same time Kripp had more than a thousand unread emails, so he clearly needed help. After seeing great results from me sporadically helping out, we knew I was the ideal person to be his full-time manager and YouTube editor. More than three years later, it's still working out great." 

Kripp's fanbase loves Rania — the audience always wants her to cheer them when she accidentally appears at Octavian's streams. They have two dogs: German Shepherd Dexter and corgi FeyRania also has a YouTube channel — she posts a lot of domestic stuff there, like gardening, playing with dogs, vacations, cooking (they both are vegans, by the way) etc. 

Kripparrian's day schedule

Octavian wakes up and has breakfast. His early hours move slowly. After finally woken up, Kripp reviews recording he recently made: he writes down timecodes of interesting events that have happened at his streams, then he makes videos out of it. Well, he and his wife (mostly, Rania herself). Then, Octavian spends an hour or two doing business: there are a lot of companies who want to work with him and do ads. After it, Kripparrian finally turns his streams on and plays the games for five to six hours. "It takes me about an hour to wind down after the stream because when you're streaming, it has to be pretty high-energy," he said in an interview once. He doesn't move physically, but his brains are like a locomotive: huge, powerful machine wrecking all on its way. It's tough work too, you know. And so, after his day is over, Octavian do whatever he wants. Play games he wants to, or spend time with family, or... fight birds in his garden.

The making of Kripparrian

At first, Octavian was just creating gameplay videos of Dark Age of Camelot — a brutal action game plus a lot of metal music. He learned how to work with the tools and got appreciation from the game's community. Then, he switched to World of Warcraft at its peak. Kripparrian made it into the top ranks of US's guild: he recruited people, dealt most damage, organised raids. It all started with a guide. Octavian has written a guide on Hunter class, but also made a video that he linked with the words: "Well if you don't want to read this s**t, you can go to my YouTube video." And so his career launched like a torpedo. 

Ka-ching: Kripparrian net-worth is approximately $1,5 million.

Hey, speaking of early WoW content — there's World of Warcraft Classic coming in August, so, maybe it's time to get acquainted with how it worked in the past and will work again in future?

Kripparrian wasn't making a lot of money with his videos at the very beginning as YouTube's politics at that time were different — all the content could not be monetized due to rights which belonged to Blizzard because of their game, not to the content creators and their videos. But then, it all turned upside down, people started making money on YouTube. Octavian continued with creating guides for WoW.

Kripp had 36 thousand followers on YouTube at that moment, so he calculated: making a video daily for a month would give him as much money as he makes working as a technician. He became the most popular YouTuber in the Canadian segment. Now he has a bit less than a million subscribers on YouTube and 1,2 million on Twitch (and total 230+ million views). 

August 19, 2013. Kripparrian posts a video named "HS First Impression". The rest is history.

The fun fact about Kripparrian is that he doesn't love the Standard mode in Hearthstone — he prefers Arena instead, where chaos rules. Octavian knows a lot and likes to understand how the game mechanics work. This is why he got his Legend rank only in 2015: he spent a lot of time getting into the game while other streamers understood the mechanics, values and tempo in haste. Kripparrian prefers combo decks with minimal errors: in the early game, he handles multi-layered moves that can help him win the game. Such decks are not 100% reliable, but they require special thinking and high playing skills — these elements attract Kripp most of all.

But all the major tournaments are played with Standard mode, so Kripp decided to make his own, where people can build their decks. It's called Challengestone and is quite popular. This tournament has reached the official level and appears at BlizzCons in recent years. 

Kripparrian's achievements and awards

Kripparrian got himself some fame at Blizzard Stream Awards 2013. He received the following awards:

  • 1st place - Favourite Hearthstone Stream
  • 1st place - Most Engaged Viewers - awarded to the broadcaster with the highest average minutes watched per unique viewer
  • 2nd place - Highest Stream Viewer Average - awarded to the broadcaster with the highest average viewer count (over 2000 minutes streamed) while streaming Blizzard games
  • 3rd place - Most Popular Non-English Streamer - awarded to the broadcaster who had the most ‘minutes watched’ in non-English regions while streaming Blizzard games


  • Kripp has disenchanted "a few cards" worth 660,620 dust and crashed the game client.

  • Octavian is vegan and likes orange juice so much that his Twitch profile page used to say he will likely spend any donated money "on discounted orange juice and falafel." 
  • Kripparrian's height is 6'4 feet, which is 193 cm. He hates aeroplanes because of it. 
  • Kripparian's Twitch channel is called nl_kripp – short for "no life Kripparrian". Ironically.
  • Octavian's PC specs include an i7 5960 X 8x 3.0 GHz CPU, HyperX Predator 16GB 4x4GB Ram, and an MSI GTX 980TI Video Card. 
  • If you are not yet amused, here's one big person's opinion on Kripparrian:

  • And a compilation for you to watch:

You can find Kripparrian almost everywhere:

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