Stream Show "Big Hunt".

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Dear tankers! Stream show "Big Hunt" is back!

Dear tankers! Stream show "Big Hunt" is back!

To participate in competition you need to:

1) subscribe to the group on Vkontakte page;
2) be online on WePlay.TV channel in the game.

Competition will be broadcasted on Weplay.TV channel on Saturday. Broadcasting starts every Thursday at 20:00 Moscow time.

Stream emcees: totosic, mozol6ka, Hornet_64.


- To get after countdown into a battle against the platoon consisting of 3 emcees and try to destroy their fighting vehicles.


- for the destruction of one or two emcee(s) the player receives 500 gold (for each destruction);

- for the destruction of the whole platoon the player receives 2500 gold.

Presentation of results: you have to post the screenshots of after-battle statistics in the relevant topic in the official group Vkontakte.



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