Story of Enigma from Dota 2 revealed a secret of the mysterious hero

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He did help Na'Vi win The International

Enigma was one of the most mysterious Dota 2 heroes until Bot The International 2018 organizers decided to reveal his origins in a special video.

Turns out, Enigma took the news he’s adopted badly: he removed his Facebook profile, started to hit the gym and play Dota even more. Despite the amazing results he showed in Dota 2, his mom didn’t even think Enigma’s going to fully transform into one of the heroes.

Yes, kids didn’t like the guy and treated him poorly cause he had colored skin and no clothes. But a small purple boy should not be attractive to anyone anyway. Enigma worked hard to get a PhD but eventually decided in favor of Dota.

The character himself told us about the wins on The International in 2011 and 2012, and sad loss at TI3. Hero’s weakness and lack of former strength is in fact proven by Saahil "UNiVeRsE" Arora.

Bot The International 2018 runs June 18 to July 15 as a part of Beyond the Summit. Event organizers promise to determine the best game hero and make that known to entire world (to get him nerfed, apparently).

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