Steam sets a new record of bans number

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All cheaters must be banned!

There are all kinds of records being set in the world. How many sausages one man can eat, how far a person can jump on one leg, what it takes to make the biggest cup of cappuccino or the longest kiss and so forth. Steam also has its own records and another one emerged on July 19. Valve Anti-Cheat system banned more than 61,000 accounts. Previous record was set last year (August 18) after VAC blocked 44,500 accounts.

It is not confirmed but apparently VAC's most “victims” are those who used SkinChanger in CS:GO – the app that replaces default skins with the ones from steam market. According to the stats and clarification from that calculates VAC bans, the number might be much higher as they have some issues collecting the stats data.

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