Steam is actively banning low-quality games

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Steam is actively banning low-quality games

As promised, games that milk Steam community are being pulled from the store

In early September we covered Steam developer’s update that included Q&A and an explanation to the frequent age verifications on the gaming platform. In that same update Valve also wrote that they would pull the games from the store that are straight up trolling and milking community for money.

On Steam, some are simply trying to rile people up with something we call "a game shaped object" (ie: a crudely made piece of software that technically and just barely passes our bar as a functioning video game but isn't what 99.9% of folks would say is "good").

Seems like Steam moderators were busy this month as Valve has recently deleted 179 games that couldn’t be called good game material. If you wanted to play but haven’t purchased the titles like “PUTIN, BOOBS and TRUMP” or “Bitcoin highway”, you are out of luck as they have been deleted from Steam Library. This website created by Madjoki can help you follow what games have been banned most recently.

It may come as weird news for some players since Valve recently allowed 18+ games on the store. Turns out, even content meant for mature audience must have standards to survive on Steam.

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