StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor – Day 3 Results

Jun 14 2019 3 min read

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The third day of StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor was held in a style different from the first two. If on Wednesday and Thursday all matches ended with the score 2:1, this day we had seen three dry meetings.

First things first, let's keep up with our predictions. NiP - Mineski match the second participant of the playoffs was to decide. We wanted to see three maps, hoping that 71 will be better than ppd at the draft stage, but Mineski's decision-making was still suffering from the jet lag. Compared to Thursday, the Asian's play has not changed much, and there was only one team on the virtual battlefield. 

We believed that Kips would be able to set up his players after yesterday's defeat, and Complexity - Team Sirius match had the American team identified as favourites. Unfortunately, the gap between two teams turned out to be too great: if the Sirius players calmly and methodically implemented their strategies, Complexity found themselves without a tactical skeleton. A large number of errors led to the fact that the American team joined the Winstrike Team at the 7-8th place.

A terrible day for Mineski continued in a meeting with Team Sirius. The Chinese team did tire too much after the previous match, and on the virtual battlefield, we again saw greatness. Mineski, on the other hand, continued to create chaos, incomprehensible even to them, they were making mistakes in a macro game and failed their not so simple strategies. As a result, the club from the Philippines will have to play qualifications for The International: their trip to the DPC is over.

The most interesting match of the day was presented to us by EHOME and Anvorgesa. In the first round which took place on Wednesday, the Chinese team emerged victoriously, but the Peruvians managed, with their brave and somewhat recklessly, to snatch one map.

The beginning of the Friday match was like a deja-vu. On the first map, EHOME held a master class to its opponent in a macro game, punishing Anvorgesa players. Peruvians struck back by choosing a simpler strategy to execute in the second map. Long cooldowns became a big problem for EHOME, and they simply could not fight: the representatives of South America were able to impose their game and shifted the match to the decisive third map.

On the third map, Team Anvorgesa did the seemingly impossible. In just over 28 minutes, the Peruvians destroyed the enemy throne and created the main sensation of the tournament! Now, EHOME will be nervous: to stay in the top 12 Dota Pro Circuit it is necessary that none of their competitors get into the top-6 of EPICENTER Major.

Saturday's schedule

10:00 — Alliance vs. Team Sirius

13:30 — Team Anvorgesa vs. Ninjas In Pyjamas

17:00 — Upper bracket finals

20:30 — Lower bracket semi-final

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