StarCraft II Gets a New Co-op Commander

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StarCraft II Gets a New Co-op Commander

Zeratul enters the fray

Everyone’s favourite Dark Templar is soon to be playable as an in-game co-op mode commander in StarCraft II. Zeratul fell in the fight against Amon in the final chapter of the singleplayer campaign, though it seems Blizzard is not ready to part with the character. Accompanying the psi-blade wielding prophet are a host of powerful Protoss warriors, ready to tackle any challenge in their way.

The commander introduces an exclusive mechanic into the co-op mode, allowing players to collect hidden Xel’Naga fragments scattered around the map. Once a full Artifact has been assembled, Zeratul and his allies receive access to new abilities and buffs meant to enhance player experience. Check out the official press release for a full breakdown of all the units and spells available to Zeratul.

Here’s the official announcement trailer:

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