Star Wars Battlefront won't be doing The Force Awakens or space battles content

Dec 24 2015 2 min read
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In many fans' eyes, the biggest omission in Star Wars Battlefront is the fact that while "stars" is right there in the title, the game has nothing to do with space. According to EA DICE, fans can stop holding their breaths, because neither space battles nor any content involving stuff from outside the original trilogy will be downloadable content in the future. 

It seems that the first downloadable content pack Battle of Jakku, which shows just how and why those Star Destroyers are littering the face of a planet in the new film, will be the closest players have to something from The Force Awakens.

Meaning, the spacecraft in Star Wars Battlefront are essentially jets from Battlefield. However, while some of the aerial battles in Star Wars Battlefront are breathtaking, especially those through and above the clouds, there won't be any star fields.


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