speed4k: Vertigo needs to be refined like Overpass was

Apr 15 2019 3 min read

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We’ve taken an interview with Anton "speed4k" Titov, member of DreamEaters, a young CS:GO team which is rapidly rising in the CIS scene.

You’ve played a good number of matches during the Forge of Masters. WePlay! League to evaluate the general performance level. Do you have specific matches or opponents in mind that you are preparing for and aiming to win? Do you think you can make it to the LAN?

We don’t have specific matches in mind. We aim to win all the games left in the group. We do feel that we can make it to the next stage.

Each win in the Forge of Masters online stage brings the team $500. Does it serve as an incentive, or do you not think about the money while playing?

I’d say that it doesn’t. Any good tournament encourages you with strong opponents and a chance to meet them on LAN. In this case, $500 is a pleasant bonus.

Against many teams in the tournament, you look like rookies that are only beginning the path of professional players. Can you share what problems you need to solve as a “smaller” team? Do you get to practice with stronger teams, is it hard for you to get invited to a tournament?

We get to practice a lot, mostly with very strong teams. Our management does a great job of getting tournament invites. Of course, to get to a top-tier tournament, you need to play in the qualifiers.

Can you name the most memorable official match as a DreamEaters player? I mean a match after which your arms trembled, and you felt like you could beat anybody? Maybe you won against someone you expected to lose.

No one has their arms trembling during official matches, and the victory always boosts the confidence of your team.

Young people who dream about breaking into esports are always curious to find out how to get on a good team. How do you find yourself in the spotlight where the recruiters of your and any other team notice you?

It’s easy to find a team right now. There are tons of platforms such as FaceIT and ESEA. Even if you don’t know anybody, you can solo-queue and gradually add people you had a good time playing with. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a team to play in various qualifiers with and get a chance to become known.

Can you briefly describe how you got into esports? How long ago have you fallen in love with CS and how did you find yourself in DreamEaters?

My path started in 2014. I met with new people and kept moving from one team to a better one, travelled to a couple of LAN-tournaments, had a couple of failed tryouts. Early in 2018, I was invited to DreamEaters, that’s how I got here (says smiling).

Valve has changed the game recently by removing the "hard reset” of the enemy eco. Shortly after it also shocked everyone by trading Cashe for Vertigo. Do you think the game will benefit from the changes?

My team enjoyed Vertigo. It isn’t refined for the competitive mode yet and will without a doubt change, just like Overpass did. I believe the changes are for the better and Valve should discuss the plans with the professional players before committing to a massive update.

What problems do you think are hurting the CIS esports the most today? Why do we still trail behind other regions?

The main problem is the wrong approach to the games and the process of training. Also, there is not enough practice with strong teams, as my experience shows.

What do you expect from Forge of Masters? What good does this format bring to the CIS scene?

We are looking forward to the LAN. This particular format allows the weaker teams to show themselves on the regional level. I can’t even tell you how it could be improved. The production level of the tournament is through the roof, it’s exciting to watch even the games we lost :).

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