Spawn hits hard in Mortal Kombat 11

Mar 12 2020 3 min read
NetherRealm Studios

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The latest episode of Kombat Kast aired on March 11 to reveal Todd McFarlane's Spawn in all his gruesomeness. Probably the most anticipated character in Kombat Pass 1, he closes the first round of extra content in Mortal Kombat 11.

NetherRealm Studios calls Spawn a brawler-type character with powerful attacks but slower than the average Mortal Kombat 11 character. Seeing him in action is a bit scary if you're his opponent, as the hellspawn makes excellent use of his chains and cape to get an advantage. They're featured in his normals and specials, giving him lots of zoning options. He's even got an arsenal of guns, so beware.

For mid-to-close range combat, Spawn employs his cape in his sweep and uppercut. His forward throw also leads into a Krushing Blow when he's backed into a corner of the stage. It staggers opponents, leaving them wide open for combos.

Here's a look at Spawn's special moves and tournament variations:

Universal specials

  • Cape Absorb shields Spawns body with his cape, which can absorb projectiles. He then follows up with a lunge that triggers a Krushing Blow if his cloak absorbed any fireball.

  • Necro Blast is a large green fireball that hits high, with the amplified version shooting a second projectile that's faster.

  • Phantom Wave plays tricks on the opponent's mind, making them believe flies are swarming them, and their skin has peeled off.

  • War Club is a two-hit strike that brings a new property to Mortal Kombat 11 which prevents opponents from breaking away. Attempting to get away from the amplified version sets them up for a combo.

  • Spawn's Fatal Blow tosses a grenade in front of him on the ground or air before spraying the opponent with bullets.

Tournament Variations


  • Anti-air machine gun special that fires even more shots when amplified.

  • Low machine gunshot special that can be used as a low parry or a fake-out when canceled.

  • Dive kick covers a lot of space but doesn't combo and has no amplified version.

Heavy loadout 

  • Shoulder charge move, which can setup juggle combos when amplified.

  • A glide that can travel close or far away with the ability to perform twice before landing.


  • A stance with an anti-air follow-up, or a low attack that triggers another Krushing Blow.

  • Ground chain special that covers a lot of the screen with the amplified version creating a fire pillar.

  • Command grab using his chains that hit from a distance. The amplified version makes Spawn invisible, but in this state, he inflicts 20% less damage. If you hit the opponent once more with the move while invisible, it will lead to a Krushing Blow. 

We also got to see a glimpse of Spawn's second Fatality in which he makes good use of his chains. Check out the full stream over on NetherRealm's Twitch channel here.


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