SoulCalibur VI version 2.12 patch notes

Apr 15 2020 2 min read
Bandai Namco

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Bandai Namco has released the patch notes for SoulCalibur VI version 2.12, which addresses issues with the latest DLC character, Haohmaru and the stage "Master Swordsman's Cave: Wicked Depths."

The update also adds balance adjustments the developer was unable to implement in version 2.02 and focuses on major issues that plagued the game before now. Here's a brief look at all the adjustments made in SoulCalibur VI version 2.12.

Battle stage

The floor and low wall hitboxes for the stage "Master Swordsman's Cave: Wicked Depths," caused unintended reactions but has now been fixed to behave like all the other stages.

Character adjustments

Eight characters received changes with this update, with Haohmaru getting the brunt of it. Taki, Voldo, Astaroth, Cassandra, and Raphael all had behavior adjustments implemented, which is Bandai Namco's way of fixing particular moves that had issues. Sophitia and Cassandra also got cosmetic changes in the form of modifications to their lightning attack effects, while Voldo and Xianghua received nerfs to their A+B attacks.

In Haohmaru's case, several moves were nerfed to reduce the unprecedented manner in which they triggered, guard crush, ring-out, wall hit, and lethal hit. His Soul Attack also had the amount of guard stamina it depletes reduced, including the distance opponents are sent flying after getting hit by it.

You can check out the full SoulCalibur VI version 2.12 patch notes here.


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