SoulCalibur VI v2.01 patch notes

Nov 25 2019 2 min read

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SoulCalibur VI Season Pass 2 is available now, and Bandai Namco has released update 2.01 to fix a couple of pesky bugs it brought with it. The patch is small and fixes some missing and incorrect text. 

Unfortunately, update 2.01 has also brought some bugs of its own that need fixing, like the Azwel time-stop and post-online match screen lock up. That means another patch shouldn’t be too far away.

Here are the SoulCalibur VI version 2.01 patch notes:

Missing and incorrect text 

  • Fixed missing and inaccurate text regarding Soul Charge in “Combat Lessons” on PC and Steam.

  • Fixed 2B's information regarding "Restore Guard Stamina."

  • Fixed Hilde's "Reversal Edge Guide" text in Combat Lesson.

  • Fixed Tira’s “Bremen Fortissimo (Jolly)” text in the “Battle Adjustment List.”

  • Fixed other text related issues.

Game system adjustments

  • Fixed Reversal Edge clash not working correctly when the buttons are held down.

  • Azwel’s “Evil Sword’s Embrace” will now play correctly in "TRAINING."

  • Fixed 2B’s second attack of “Mobilize: Piercing Assault (First Class)” not hitting after the first hit connects with the opponent in mid-air.

  • 2B’s guard stamina is now restored when analysis points are increased by “Suppression: Support Thrust” or “Suppression: Unarmed Leg Throw.”


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