SonicFox Wins WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1: Mortal Kombat 11

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Congratulations to SonicFox, the winner of WUFL S1: MK11!

After an amazing Grand Finals, SonicFox won the inaugural WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1: Mortal Kombat 11 tournament! We thank SonicFox and Tekken Master for an amazing Grand Finals, as well as every other participant for making this an amazing tournament.

Both participants met earlier in the Winner's Finals, where Tekken Master's Cetrion proved to be too much for SonicFox, handing them their first loss of the tournament in 3-1 fashion. After defeating Rewind in the Loser's Finals, SonicFox faced Tekken Master once more in the Grand Finals in a nail-biting series. SonicFox's Joker proved to be enough this time around, as they managed to win the set 5-4 and reset the bracket. In the second set, SonicFox seemed to have grasped the matchup, looking much more comfortable and winning 5-1. SonicFox takes home $15,000 and the WUFL S1: MK11 Championship Belt, adding to their trophy collection and further solidifying themselves as the best NRS player of all time. 

Playoff Results:

Upper Bracket Round 1:

  • SonicFox vs. Rewind 3:2

  •  ArnKratos vs. MK_Azerbaijan 2:3

  • Tekken Master vs. Konqueror249 3:0

  • A Foxy Grampa vs. Dragon 1:3

Lower Bracket Round 1:

  • ArnKratos vs. Rewind 2:3
  • A Foxy Grampa vs. Konqueror249 2:3

Second Round of the Upper Bracket:

  • SonicFox vs. MK_Azerbaijan 3:1
  • Tekken Master vs. Dragon 3:2

Second Round of the Lower Bracket:

  • Rewind vs. Dragon 3:2
  • Konqueror249 vs. MK_Azerbaijan 1:3

Upper Bracket Final:

  • Tekken Master vs. SonicFox 3:1

Third Round of the Lower Bracket:

  • Rewind vs. MK_Azerbaijan 3:0

Lower Bracket Final:

  • SonicFox vs. Rewind 3:1

Grand Final:

  • SonicFox vs. Tekken Master 5:4
  • SonicFox vs. Tekken Master 5:1

The Top 8:

  • 1st | SonicFox - $15,000
  • 2nd | Tekken Master - $10,000
  • 3rd | Rewind - $8,000
  • 4th | MK_Azerbaijan - $6,000
  • 5th-6th | Dragon - $3,500
  • 5th-6th | Konqueror249 - $3,500
  • 7th-8th | ArnKratos - $2,000
  • 7th-8th | A F0xy Grampa - $2,000

We'd like to thank all the players for their participation, and every single viewer for their support during the broadcasts! The official partners of our tournament are the sports streaming service DAZN, and our official global betting partner 1XBET.

We will be announcing the full lineup for the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1: SOULCALIBUR VI tournament shortly, so be sure to follow our Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch to stay up to date with all things WUFL.

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