Sneaky from Cloud9 and his new cosplay

Jan 30 2019 3 min read

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You will not surprise anyone with scandalous images in cosplay. The naked beauties in suits and colored wigs delight the views of gamers, the pictures of exceptional quality often come across with chic costumes and makeup. But who said that cosplay is only the girl’s prerogative? The Cloud9 player Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi demonstrated a brilliant performance once again by making the Kai’Sa from League of Legends photo shoot.

Professional cosplay models Hana Bunny and Lynn also took part in the photo shoot. 

Zachary also participated in such photo shoots earlier, exclusively for female characters. We must admit that his images look very convincing. Earlier this year, he participated in a candid photo shoot of the character Ahri near the pool.

Cloud9 player doesn’t hesitate to share his images in social networks. His girlfriend, Esther, who is a professional cosplay model, encourages him to participate in the cosplay.

There are many characters in the bank of Zachary’s performances. He tried on the image of Slay Belle Katarina

Pizza Delivery Sivir

Tamamo from mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order

Sneaky also cosplayed Lux, Sivir and Soraka, and tried on Dark Elementalist Lux and Star Guardian Urgot images during the stream. He even made a joint cosplay of the Xayah hero along with Bae "Bang" Jun-sik at the 2018 All-Star show tournament.


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