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Information about the first season of StarLadder StarSeries Hearthstone Finals

The 1st season of StarLadder StarSeries Hearthstone is about to end. Together we went through the Group Stage, watched the decisive battles of the Last Chance bracket and learned the names of the 6 best players of the season. They will gather in Kiev, from 16 to 18 October, to share a prize pool of 15.000$.

The partners of our event are really well-known esports brands: ROG and Twitch.

According to the results of the season in the finals we have:

  • ThijsNL
  • StanCifka
  • Dog
  • Kolento
  • Ostkaka
  • ShtanUdachi

How will the games go?

We will have 1 group with 6 players where everyone will play with each other. Top 4 players will go to the next stage, where they will have Double Elimination bracket. All the matches will be played as bo5 and grand final as bo7. Every player must choose 4 decks and his opponent is able to ban 1 of them.

Prize pool: 

1 place — 6000$

2 place — 3500$

3 place — 2500$

4 place — 1500$

5-6 places — 750$

How can I watch the tournament?

The tournament will be streamed online on Twitch, stay in touch! 

The most of you can enjoy our coverage by Noxious and Aquablad online.

And if you have an opportunity, you can join us in Kiev, at Cybersport Arena. Entrance is free for everyone.


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