Slightly Mad Studios is developing its own console

Jan 03 2019 2 min read

Slightly Mad Studios is developing its own console ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell has suddenly announced a new gaming console via Twitter. This new console - called the Mad Box - is being built as a true nextgen device capable of running games in native 4K resolution and offering VR in 60FPS - or 120FPS internally as Ian Bell claims.

And there's a slight confusion going over declared frame rate, as Ian Bell refers to 120FPS as 60FPS per eye, which is technically true judging by the fact that the internal systems have to render two separate screens both running at 60FPS resulting in a summed 120FPS - but that's not necessarily correct. HTC Vive for example has a frame rate of 90FPS which is applied to each of two displays - but it doesn't mean this results in overall 180FPS which is insane. But let's leave the VR stuff for the technicians, focusing on the Mad Box console instead.

The very first question to appear is a simple "Why". We have a "great" example of Ouya which unsurprisingly interested literally no one, we have Steam Box series which was also doomed from the very beginning. And now this. Speaking to Variety, Ian Bell clarified a few details regarding the new console. It is going to be packed with studio's own Madness engine for developers to use it in their games for free - but the Mad Box will not have any exclusives to arouse any specific interest.

Mad Box is planned to release in three years to compete with PlayStation and Xbox - likely the nextgen ones. Judging by the fact that it'll lack any exclusives - which often determine the choice of console for the customers - Mad Box is expected to draw zero interest. Bell claims that the console's specs will be similar to high-end PCs that will hit the market in two years, and the device is being built with the help of third-parties funding.

Right now Slightly Mad is also working on Project CARS 3, and its existence is officially confirmed. Regarding Mad Box, we haven't seen any strong statements from Bell's interview for Variety. Right now there's literally no advantage in buying this new console - but Slightly Mad has yet a few years to deliver.


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