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Publisher 2K games and developer Firaxis just announced the release date and pricing for their upcoming title, Sid Meier’s Starships.

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Publisher 2K games and developer Firaxis just announced the release date and pricing for their upcoming title, Sid Meier’s Starships. Furthermore, Starships will have integration with the masterful Civilization: Beyond Earth. Here are the details.

Release date, pricing and integration information

Starships will be coming to PC, Mac and the iPad in roughly two weeks time on 12 March 2015, for the low price of only $14,99.


Publisher 2K games announces:


"We are pleased to announce Sid Meier's Starships will launch on March 12 for $14.99 on PC, Mac and iPad." - Source


The game is a turn-based interstellar strategy title, set in the same universe as Beyond Earth. Therefore, the developers have picked Starships to be the first game integrated with Beyond Earth.


Developer Firaxis talks about Beyond Earth integration:


We’re preparing another update for Civilization: Beyond Earth. This update has two major purposes: Further balance updates and improvements to the game, and laying the groundwork for integration with Sid Meier’s Starships.” –Source


Firaxis is adding my2K functionality to Beyond Earth. This will allow cross-game connectivity and unlocks with other Firaxis titles, starting with Sid Meier’s Starships. The feature will have other unknown future perks.


What is Sid Meier's Starships?


The game is a turn-based adventure-driven strategy title. While the focus in Beyond Earth was charting an alien planet, in Starships, you will spend the whole game in space where players control a fleet of starships as they journey through the galaxy to complete missions, protect planets and their inhabitants, and build a planetary federation.  


Take command of a fleet of powerful starships in this adventure-driven strategy game from legendary designer Sid Meier. Travel to new worlds, completing missions to help save and protect the planets and their people from dangerous Space Pirates, to powerful Marauders and other hostile factions.


Build a planetary federation as you strengthen your fleet and secure your homeworld as you attempt to preserve intergalactic peace and  your vision of humanity. Set in the universe of Civilization: Beyond Earth after the age of the Seeding, Sid Meier’s Starships offers sci-fi/strategy fans a full stand-alone game experience that also features cross-connectivity with Beyond Earth, expanding the depth of both games.  See if you have what it takes to rule the universe!” - Source




  • "Tactical space combat: Encounter unique tactical challenges in every mission, with dynamically generated maps, victory conditions, and foes.
  •  Fully customizable starships: Create an armada that fits your tactical plan with modular spaceship design. 
  • Diplomacy, strategy, and Exploration: Expand the influence of your Federation and gain the trust of the citizens of new planets.
  • Use the unique abilities of the each planet to enhance your fleet and Federation, and keep your opponents in check. Build improvements on worlds to increase the capabilities and resources of your Federation. 
  • A galaxy of adventure: Explore the galaxy as you lead your fleet to distant worlds and complete missions to help the citizens of these planets.
  • Fight pirates, protect colony ships, destroy rogue AI, and more. 
  • Multiple paths to victory: Will you win by conquering the greatest threat to the galaxy? Or will you unite a plurality of worlds in your Federation? Perhaps you will lead your people to push the frontiers of science. Each choice you make carries consequences on your path to victory”- Source 

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