Shattered Web Week 12 "Maximum Impact" challenges

Feb 05 2020 2 min read
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February starts with the 12th week of CS:GO Operation Shattered Web. "Maximum Impact" is the name, and the challenges are pretty simple to achieve this time. Surely, that three- and five-starred ones are tough, but the efforts you do will get you appropriate rewards. Let's check them out and talk about how it is easier to accomplish all. 

Shattered Web Week 12 Challenges:

  • Down and to the Right (☆): Get 5 kills with the Galil AR or FAMAS in Casual: Defusal Group Sigma
  • To Scope or Not to Scope (☆): Get 15 SG 553 kills in Guardian: Agency
  • Choo Choo! (☆☆): Get 1 kill with the Glock-18 in Competitive: Train
  • How Rude... (☆☆): Destroy 2 enemy drones in Danger Zone
  • Plant, or Do It the Hard Way (☆☆☆): Earn 3 MVPs in a single Competitive: Inferno match
  • Not so Fast (☆☆☆☆☆): Get a kill streak of 2 or more in 5 rounds in Casual: Defusal Group Delta  

How to complete Shattered Web Week 12 "Maximum Impact" challenges

Down and to the Right - Casual Game Mode

What do you do when you are spraying with Galil and Famas? Yes, you aim down and to the right. So just get those rifles and do it.

To Scope or Not to Scope - Guardian: Agency 

SG might have been fixed a long time ago but is still a great gun. Set an aim for 15 kills and try scoping them from a distance. 

Choo Choo! - Competitive Game Mode

No, this isn't a joke. Two stars for a single Glock-18 kill at Train. Valve's just trolling the players.

How Rude... - Danger Zone

You may think it's useless to spend your priceless ammo on drones, but actually that's quite the right idea. Valve's pushing players to (try their aim) sharpen their foresight.

Plant, or Do It the Hard Way - Competitive: Inferno 

The easiest way to earn an MVP is to plant the bomb. But don't forget that MVP's are named for kills, ADR, and some other stats. So do the planting/defusing. Or go clutch/ace, which is obviously even easier.

Not so Fast - Casual Game Mode 

This challenge is about working hard. Just do your best for a while and you'll get it. 

Good luck!


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