Seven Tekken 7 Mods Worth Downloading

Jun 17 2020 5 min read
Bandai Namco

Tekken 7 mods can serve as an enhancement for the game no matter your taste. Here are seven worth checking out.

Tekken 7 mods, like mods in many other games, can serve as a way to enhance the player experience through humor and improved features. Virtua Fighter may have been the first arcade fighting game to have matches in a 3D environment, but Tekken was undoubtedly the one that made 3D fighters look cool. Every iteration focuses as much on the fighting as it does character style and customization. 

However, sometimes we just want to see our favorite characters from other IPs represented in the game. Of course, most of our faves will never officially make it into the game due to licensing rights and such, which is why fans decided to take things into their own hands and introduce them into the game themselves. 

Players and fans have been creating mods for video games for a very long time, and over the years, they've gotten very good at it. Unfortunately for some, only PC players get to enjoy the full modding experience, but that shouldn't prevent us from celebrating all the awesome creations out there. 

Here's a couple of Tekken 7 mods I think are worth sharing:


Since the fate of Tekken vs. Street Fighter is currently unknown, talented modder iKARi decided to add Sagat to the Tekken 7 roster. It's a great mod that has the Muay Thai fighter putting on nothing but his classic shorts with cloth wrapped around his forearms and shins. 

Who this mod belongs to is a no brainer, as Tekken 7's latest addition to the roster practices Muay Thai. Although they are both big and strong, Fahkumram is still the more imposing figure, but at least now we can have two Street Fighter characters take on the Tekken roster. That is, until the next SF character mod. 


This one is the only mod on the list from 2019, but I just had to add it since I used to play a lot of D.Va in Overwatch9876789's mod is truly impressive, and the attention to detail is crazy. 

This mod acts as a skin for Tekken 7's female roster. Additionally, character-specific elements like Eliza's horns and Alisa's headphones will not appear, keeping the mod true to the original character. Now, if only we could bring her mech into the game too. 

 Galaxy Brain mod

This mod is a weird one, but I felt it deserved mentioning for that fact. It's another Fahkumram mod that puts all the emphasis on his head. In fact, it's all about his head. 

Zanba's mod feels like something out of Ghouls n' Ghost or Super Smash Bros, turning the Muay Thai fighter into a spooky floating head. As if he wasn't scary enough before, now his opponents have him all up in their face. 

Devil May Cry 5

covered this a while back, but like it so much, I had to include it on this list. Once more, NiceKun dazzles us with his superb Devil May Cry 5 mod, which is a 3-in-1 pack. 

Lars dons a Vergil skin and wields the Devil Arm Beowulf, while Steve Fox takes on a Dante skin that's equipped with Gilgamesh, and The Walking Dead's Negan puts on a Nelo Angelo skin. Now, all we need is skins for all the Devil May Cry ladies. 

Geese Howard genderbend

Tekken 7 mods genderbend

Probably my favorite from the bunch, we see the Fatal Fury series' recurring boss character, Geese Howard, in a genderbend that makes him easier on the eyes. Sadly, the scar on his face and chest aren't included, but it's still a great look. 

Just like the original, the white nagajuban (under-kimono) is pulled down to the waist, while the rest of the outfit is a red hakama styled like trousers. Unlike the original, female Geese has a sarashi cloth wrapped around her bosom and can change her hairstyle. A nice extra touch is the ability to choose an athletic muscle tone with a sweaty sheen to it. 

9876789's Geese Howard mod is simply a Marvel to behold. 

Monokuma Panda

Tekken 7 mods Monokuma

You might not know this one unless you're a fan of anime or visual novels, but even if you don't, Panda does look cool in black and white without any background information. 

Monokuma is an antagonist from the Danganronpa franchise by Spike Chunsoft. A psychotic bear that's as cute as he is murderous, he's that bad guy you can't help but like. Sadly, the mod doesn't lend Panda Monokuna's evil charm, but it does give him a sinister touch. 

The mod created by CDDTreborn also replaces the yellow shield bear, which can be used by all characters. 

Makunouchi Ippo shorts

Here's another one for anime fans, but it only affects Steve Fox's outfit. It seems the British boxer left his shorts at home and had to get a pair from Hajime no Ippo protagonist, Makunouchi Ippo. 

SonicPak, the modder behind Steve's new look, is likely a fan of the show as a video showing off the outfit has one of the anime's songs playing. Shocking Lemon's Under Star is a nice song that's reminiscent of other Shonen (genre for young males) shows and should induce a trip down memory lane for fans of the anime. 

So that's it, a couple of Tekken 7 mods that were released or updated in the past few months that I've found fun, cool, and interesting. I'll keep an eye out for more gems to add to my next list.


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