Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Bosses - Guardian Ape

Mar 31 2019 2 min read

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This mate is not an ordinary monkey — he's the coolest in the jungle. We continue our guide series on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, today with the Guardian Ape

We are used to the fact that the recumbent bosses are harmless; they can be easily defeated. Just not the Guardian Ape. Lying on his back, he begins to hit the ground with his hands, not allowing himself to attack. These attacks can be countered with your katana!

In the first phase, the red spot (a sign meaning an attack cannot be repulsed) appears only with grab-attacks, which you can escape with a jump. It will be useful to take an antidote to protect yourself from, jeez, the gas attack. 

When the Guardian's head is close to the ground, you can blind him with a firecracker. There's enough time for a couple of strikes. Remember: keep calm, wait for windows to attack, (cry loud) and try not to destroy your gamepad. 

Second phase

The second phase is frankly easier because the ape takes the sword in its hands and starts to behave less chaotically. As we know, everything that the sword is trying to hit can be countered. Except for the red-signed ones.

This red symbol appears with the Ape's three move sets. The first is a wide horizontal sword strike, which you can evade with a jump and get the opportunity to deal some damage. The second one is the severed head's howl. This attack fills the Terror scale very quickly, which could instantly kill Sekiro. The third is the most boring: a high jump to crush the hero. In any case, once the red sign appears, the safest thing would be to run away as quickly as possible. 

Ape's series of attacks often end with the Guardian lying on the ground and allowing himself to be beaten. There is enough time for 4-5 strikes. So be calm, as we've said earlier, and do your best.

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