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Mar 31 2019 3 min read

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The Great Shinobi Owl is dangerous for two reasons. First, he uses the same equipment as Sekiro. Secondly, it is difficult to beat his Posture, and on vice versa: he beats out Wolf’s Posture very quickly. Fortunately, the game almost doesn’t punish for this.

First Phase

Don’t be afraid of your full Posture scale

The game allows you to punish your enemies with the Deathblow in case of the full Posture scale. However, one-armed Wolf rarely uses this opportunity at full capacity: the punishment doesn’t happen after filling the Posture scale. Well, this feature needs a separate article.

Catch the right time

The Great Shinobi Owl jumps at you with the single strong slash after throwing two shurikens. It will be safe for you to go to the side and contrattack. Sometimes Shinobi Owl throws Shinobi Charm that releases a green mist upon touching the ground. It does no damage to Sekiro, but if you reach this mist, you’ll be unable to use Healing Gourd, Pellets and other healing items for thirty seconds. The Owl’s movement is quite long and soft: he pulls forward his left hand and gently drops the “bomb”. If you have time to recognise this gesture at an early stage, you can have time to make two blows. More often it turns out only one.

Come closer

Perhaps it’s the most useful advice that we can give. The Great Shinobi Owl often retreats with a jump after a series of attacks, and if you are consistently close to him, then sooner or later he will begin to flee "into the wall", that is the jump in one place. This is another opportunity to hit. The perfect situation will be to completely clamp him at the door or between the pillar and the fence. So you can punish him with a free blow for every attempt to escape.

Second Phase

The Great Shinobi Owl is resurrected with an expanded arsenal after the first death. In addition to shurikens and Shinobi Charm “bombs” with a healing Posture, he gets a smoke screen, firecrackers and poison.

Firecrackers do absolutely nothing, and they only prevent the player from seeing the attacks. However, in any complicated situation, you can go closer and “dance” around near Owl. We remember that it's safer to be closer, right?

The Owl is scattered poison around him. Someone says that it does something terrible, but no one has touched it in practice (it’s a joke, you know).

Smokescreen blocks your “target-lock”. If you can figure out where Shinobi escaped, try to get closer, but be ready to attack. It is safer, of course, to stay in the same place and wait for the attack. You don’t have to retreat!

One attack with shuriken throwing is also added in the second phase. A new type is accompanied by a sweeping horizontal blow instead of jump.

In general, the Great Shinobi Owl is one big test of attentiveness and concentration. Watch the fight, study the behaviour of the enemy and may the Invisible Help be with you.

You can find two videos below: a walkthrough from the master (with no damage) and a more casual option.

Source: Faraaz Khan Youtube channel

Source: Fextralife YouTube channel

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