Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Bosses - Genichiro Ashina

Mar 27 2019 2 min read

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During the first hour of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice story, every player will encounter Genichiro Ashina, who is someone like a starting boss. The battle with Genichiro seems unbearably difficult, even for those who have experienced the Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne and other From Software games up and down. 

The thing is that this 'victory' at the very beginning of the storyline is optional (and a very, like, very exhausting task), and is absolutely not necessary. Nevertheless, it is possible to overcome the villain, even if it can take you more than a few dozens (and dozens) attempts to achieve.

We recommend not spending any of the collected items on this battle. Try to memorize his moves for several hours. It is important to understand that this victory does not affect the further development of history, the list of trophies, or the receipt of additional in-game items. You will only see a slightly modified screensaver, with the same outcome. 


Skip this paragraph if you want to avoid spoilers. Then, below, read the guide itself.

Genichiro will cut off Wolf's hand anyway, just in a less noble way. If you still have the desire to try — watch the video made by IGN

According to the prologue, it becomes obvious that Genichiro Ashina plays a significant role in local history. A further meeting with him is simply inevitable. The battle takes place on the Upper Tower of Ashina Dojo, right after the battle with Jinshuke Sadze mini-boss. 

In the first stage of the fight, Genichiro can attack with a katana in melee or shoot with a bow from a distance. We recommend to acquire all sorts of healing items in advance and equip the Mist Raven prosthesis improvement. It will be useful to evade attacks quickly. The basic behaviour pattern is identical to what we have already seen in the prologue, that is, he could be parried successfully (arrows can also be blocked). The main thing is to act aggressively and respond to any changes in the situation. 

Try not to use any items during this stage, because once you remove the second HP bar strip, Ashina will not die, but will upgrade into a new, much more dangerous form. Genichiro will remove most of his armour, which will weaken his resistance. Instead, he will begin to periodically use electric charges against you — the easiest way to evade is simply by jumping aside, or sending it back to the boss using blocks. 

Source — Boss Fight Database


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