Sean Murray talks 'No Man's Sky' beginning, ending, currency, ships and more

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Some game detals are revealed


No Man's Sky is one of those games that everyone wants to talk about, but no one really knows how to describe it. As we get further along in the game's development, more and more information starts to surface, peeling back the opaque surface, revealing captivating potential.


Hello Games' Sean Murray recently divulged interesting information regarding the starting and ending points of No Man's Sky, in addition to a variety of other details. Murray did confirm No Man's Sky will have a "core" game mode for players to enjoy.


"There's the player's journey which, if they play it linearly and go from the outer edge of the galaxy to the centre of the galaxy, that's their start and end of the game kind of thing," Murray said. "And as they go, they're upgrading their ship, they're upgrading their weapons, they're upgrading their suit.


"And they need to do that because they're very vulnerable, they will be attacked by AI, potentially - very rarely - other players, things like that, if they cross paths with them. There's space combat, there's combat on the ground, there's trading if you want to do that, mining resources and stuff, there's exploring if you want to do that."


Ever since Murray began speaking publicly about No Man's Sky, he's been a bit quiet on whether or not the game will have a multiplayer mode. While there does seem to be some element of that, No Man's Sky sounds like it's going to be more single-player focused than anything else. No need to make a single-player game a co-op game just because it's a trend, like some publishers have done lately.


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Currency is something No Man's Sky will implement in the form of "Units." Murray said players who mine resources, trade and engage in other activities such as these will earn more money. These Units can be used to upgrade your ship, and he described these upgrades as a means to traverse the universe further than before.


"As you get closer to the centre of the galaxy you will find it is more dangerous - just like in any game - and you will find that the best ships are only available towards the centre of the galaxy. Or are much more common at least. And the best weapons, best suit upgrades, and resources that are worth far more. And freighters that you can attack are worth far more closer to the centre because they're trading those resources," Murray said.


'No Man's Sky' does not have a release date quite yet.



Murray and his team are trying hard to convey what exactly No Man's Sky is and concrete gameplay does help with that. When the studio finally does allow press to play the game, that will be a breakthrough way for people to understand No Man's Sky more clearly.


Hello Games has not announced a release date for No Man's Sky, but we should expect to hear more about it in the coming months. No Man's Sky is scheduled to launch on PS4 and PC, though this may change.



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