Sean Bean will be a target in Hitman 2

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Sean Bean will be a target in Hitman 2

Spoiler alert: Sean Bean’s character dies

Hitman game/movie franchise has a firm footnote in modern culture. It has very dedicated fans, who have been enjoying the game since the 90s. IO Interactive have found a way to spice things up by promoting a limited time event in Hitman 2 even before the game has been released.

The game will go live on November 13 and on November 20 a unique character will be accessible as an elusive target Mark Faba. Remember when we mentioned that Hitman is also a movie franchise? The creators of the game take full advantage of that by recruiting Sean Bean as the star guest for the title. Players will have 10 days to track down and kill Sean Bean’s character.

Why Sean Bean?

Remember Ned Stark, who died in the first season of Game of Thrones? How about Boromir, who dies in the first movie of Lord of the Rings trilogy? Sean Bean’s characters die left right and center in about 10 different movies or television shows (25 death scenes so far), and it’s only fitting that when this guy enters a game, he dies as well.

We can’t wait to be able to kill Sean Bean’s character Mark Faba next month. Meanwhile, enjoy the compilation of Sean Bean’s death scenes (viewer discretion is advised, I warned you): 

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