Scrubs actor blamed Fortnite that they "jacked" his dance

Nov 21 2018 2 min read

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Fortnite became so famous and popular game that it is discussed not only by those who play it. The truth is that the mention of Epic Games creation is not always in a cool way. For example, some artists are dissatisfied with the initiative of developers to use other people's dance moves.

Those of you who have not watched or even heard of the TV showScrubs” - believe me, it’s worth your time. Scrubs’ cast reunion was at the Vulture festival in Los Angeles last week. Among them was Donald Faison, who played Dr. Christopher Turk, the loyal friend of the main character John. The fan crowd asked Faison to perform his famous funny dance. But he refused to do it, answering: “If you want to see it, you can play Fortnite, because they jacked that sh**.”

Faison had improvised his dance on the episode 'My Half Acre' in the show's fifth season. And now, for the younger generation, who plays Fortnite, there is no connection between the actor’s creation and the game’s emote. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence gave the green light to developers when they contacted him and asked about the legality of including the dance in the game. But Faison added, that no one paid him for it: "Somebody stole that s***, and it's not mine no more."

Not long ago, another well-known person - rapper 2 Milly stated that his dance “Milly Rock” was used in Fortnite. Moreover, they changed the name to “Swipe It”.  The rapper was outraged by the fact that developers had benefited from the sale of both the game and individual emotes. "They actually sell that particular move. It's for purchase." 2 Milly also said that he plans to file a lawsuit.

We note, that copyright does not apply to dance. That is, in terms of legislation Epic Games has the right to be “inspired” by anyone’s movements. It is curious, whether the rapper will win this muddy case or not.

Seriously, Epic Games, show us more creativity and your own uniqueness.


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