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Apr 18 2019 6 min read

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So, dear scoutesses and gentlescouts. Seen enough, played enough, now it's time for a workout. I mean, literally! Real scouts must always be in shape, feel good and take care of their equipment. WePlay! never fool around when it comes to health. So pack your stuff and let's go. 

Orientation and Preparation

Scout's main skill is to determine the location in space. Sitting at the PC? Take a look around. A real scout should always know how to get to the refrigerator and toilet as fast as possible, given how short breaks between the matches are. Learn the quickest and most unimpeded route. Be aware of aggressive flatmates, they may try to distract you during the raids. 

If the sun is shining through your window, then it is the daytime. If it is dark — it turns out to be the night. Keep the location of all the artificial light switches in mind and try not to use the ones you don't need in order to, again, not disturb the demons of the swamp.

If possible, try to stock up enough food so you can stay for a long in one raid. Did you ever have a bottle of Coca-Cola and a pack of chips for one movie? Yep. Take a couple of each, hide them under the table.

Streams and Games

At this stage, you do what you like: play or watch the clashes on de_mirage (or, if lucky, other maps). 


And now to the most important part. After long and hard battles you need to take a break and workout a bit. We do not convince you to do it, it's your call, but we highly recommend. Remember Strike's exercises — he, at his strength and age, barely survived a bit of fitness warmup. You do not want to be dusty and soft, do you? It's better to become a real deal, yeah? Remember, when your life hits 25 years, at 00.00, your back, neck, knees and everything else will hurt if you don't do the exercises (tested and confirmed by the author).

A scout must take care of his hands. They are your tools for survival and victory. Let's start with them.

The Clutch: Make a fist with each hand, but keep thumbs up straight. Pull the fingers up your palm until fingertips touch the base of your fingers. Release. Left hand, right hand, repeat ten times. 

The Slap: Place one hand on the fingers of the other. Slowly bend your wrist down. Do you feel the tension? Hold for 3-5 seconds, as if pulling out a flash grenade's ring and waiting for a rush. Let go, repeat several times with each hand.

Origato: thanking your teammates and trying your best to keep the team spirit high are important things. Learn to say "thank you." Sit at your desk with elbows at the table. Keeping palms together, slowly lower your wrists to the table until you feel a stretch. Hold for 5-7 seconds. Repeat five times.

IDK: you were killed first and you didn't understand where you were shot from. This happens. Straighten your back, and then raise and lower your shoulders — ten times together and five each. Slowly, mate.

Rainbow 6: it would be great if CS:GO allowed us looking around the corner. Stretch your neck in a simple way — straighten your back and slowly tilt your head, trying to touch the shoulder with your ear. Reached the maximum? Hold for five seconds and return your head to the starting position. Repeat in both directions three times. 

And now we will straighten the spines. For the sake of victory, you tear your back under the weight of four dorks, so you have to pay equal attention to the relaxation of these muscles.

The Camper: being in one position for a long time, your muscles may stiffen up. And your back is the centre of all movements. Set your feet on the floor, raise your arms above your head and stretch your arms back as far as possible. Lean right, left, right, left, like this! Ten times. No need to hurry.

ММА: lift the knee, hold your chin just below your knee. Bend, make the nose touch your leg. Hold it like that for a couple of seconds, slowly straighten up. In this exercise, bend your back, neck, leg. Repeat with the other leg. And four more times each. 

You also need to warm up your legs, so that the blood start circulating more actively and you won't feel cold.

360NoScope: straighten your leg while sitting on a chair. Rotate the foot clockwise, two circles, then counterclockwise, also two circles. Repeat with the other leg. And two more times. 

And now the most important organ: your eyes. Sit back in the chair, cover your eyelids, enjoy the serenity without any swearing Russians in the voice chat. Try to catch zen. Good! Now to the exercises because eyes are also muscles. Everything is quite simple here, almost like you were taught in school.

  1. Draw a symbol of infinity (like number 8, just tired, lying on its side) with your eyes. Imagine it on the wall as wide as possible and circle the contour several times.
  2. Do the same, only with a big circle, then a square and a letter Z. Or just follow the picture:

Картинки по запросу упражнения для глаз

And now, another quite interesting affair: try to make a circle with your eyesight with the help of an image below. 

Well done! Now your testosterone and adrenaline are high as hell and you've got MOTIVATION. We remind you that all the information about our Forge of Masters. WePlay! League tournament can be found here

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