Say “Hi” to the new Fallout 4: New Vegas mode

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Developers have published a gamplay video for a first year anniversary

The crew responsible for new Fallout 4: New Vegas mode has been working on this project for a year and recently published a 10 minute gameplay teaser. The new game modification was made, because the team working on the mode development are huge fans of the Fallout previous part New Vegas. Basically, the new modification is a remastered version of Fallout: New Vegas

The video reveals that there was a lot of effort and hard work during the creation of this mode. They were trying to transfer from previous part all main characters, storyline and gameplay moments using new Creation Engine. You can see some new mechanics, characters animation and sound effects. The customization process was taken from Fallout 4, which makes it so awesome to play. Developers have also promised some new features and functions, which they were not able to implement before, but with modern technology, they are finally capable. So if you had nostalgia for New Vegas or played Fallout 4 and were not impressed saying “the previous part was so much better” now Bethesda will finally satisfy your radiational apocalypse fantasy. 

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