Rumors: Vega Squadron might sign ferzee’s roster

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Rumors: Vega Squadron might sign ferzee’s roster

Fans noticed some interesting hints in the organization’s social media pages

Official VK page of Vega Squadron recently posted a comic depicting a shark playing chess with Gabe Newell, saying it's time to assemble a team. Which immediately led to a heated discussion as community jumped in with their suggestions. Majority agrees the post might be a hint that the Russian organization plans to sign ferzee’s Dota 2 roster. 

The move failed / but there's a solution / it's time to assemble a team!

Vega’s most likely searching for a new squad, given they couldn’t pass qualification to The International 2018 last season. Sharks’ current roster was built in September, after Blizzy moved to Natus Vincere and CemaTheSlayeR moved to Odium. During the new season, the team failed to qualify for The Kuala Lumpur Major, DreamLeague Season 10 and ESL One Hamburg 2018. So it’s no surprise they might be desperate right now. 

Current Dota 2 roster of Vega Squadron:

  • Palantimos
  • StormC4t-
  • Flow
  • Zayac
  • yol

The newly born ferzee team got together on September 14, 2018 and already managed to get through qualifiers to the first Major of the season - The Kuala Lumpur Major. Besides, they got into top-3 teams during Reshuffle Madness tournament. Three players from the new tag have played together before in Team Effect.

ferzee’s roster looks like this:

  • Daxak
  • Afoninje
  • AfterLife
  • KingR

There were no official announcements from either side, so let’s not jump into conclusions and take the news with a grain of salt – it’s rumors, after all. 

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