Rumor: 11 more characters could be on the way to Mortal Kombat 11

Mar 29 2020 2 min read
NetherRealm Studios

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It appears that Mortal Kombat 11 could still have more in store for fans. Besides the email that seemingly confirmed the existence of Ash Williams from Army of Darkness as a DLC character, there’s now also the possibility of even more fighters.

While digging through the game’s files after its most recent update, a modder named thethiny discovered an interesting line of code. This code reportedly reveals how many character slots remain to fill after the inclusion of Spawn. According to thethiny, there are still 11 more characters to go since we currently have 37 characters in the game, and the total number of slots found is 42.

These additional slots could be placeholders or even bits of abandoned code. However, thethiny reminds fans that Mortal Kombat X had a similar situation, and the final number of characters released in that game tallied with the number of spots found in it early on. Thanks to previous datamines, we have a good idea of who three of these eleven characters could be. Ash, Sheeva, and Fujin had their intro dialogue discovered in one of the early datamines for Mortal Kombat 11 and are the most likely suspects. 

Another discovery about the game was made by Reddit user Delorean82, who spotted the brief appearance of an Aftermath Kollection on the Mortal Kombat 11 Steam Database page. It’s since been removed but is reminiscent of what Mortal Kombat XL was for Mortal Kombat X, and Legendary Edition was for Injustice 2. These upgraded versions of their base games featured all the characters released for their respective games.


If Aftermath Kollection truly is a thing, it would mean it collects all the characters from Kombat Pack 1 in a single edition, but what happens to the mysterious 11 other characters? Could both possibilities be real or just one of them? There’s also the slim chance that none of them will come to pass. At this point, it’s just a lot of speculation, but it gives fans something exciting to hope for during the coronavirus pandemic.

NetherRealm Studios has mentioned in the past that they plan to support Mortal Kombat 11 longer than they have past games. We’re also nearing the game’s first anniversary, which would be the ideal time to confirm Kombat Pack 2 and the Aftermath Kollection.


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