Ronin Rumble Charity Tournament Results

Mar 30 2020 2 min read
Ronin Rumble

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Ronin Rumble's special online charity tournament to raise money for canceled offline FGC tournaments took place over the weekend. 

Drawing 231 players across Samurai Shodown and Granblue Fantasy Versus, fans were directed to donate on Matcherino where the final contribution amounts to $598.76. The raised funds go to the organizers of Final Round, NorCal Regionals, and April Annihilation to help reduce the financial burden incurred by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online event featured West and East Coast tournaments for both games and then a West vs. East tournament to determine which region has the best player.

Here are the top 8 standings for Ronin Rumble Charity Tournament:

Samurai Shodown: West Coast 

  • 1. Daniel "Gorro" Serna

  • 2. TxC|Rolando "ViolentKain" Neri

  • 3. AR|Oscar "Kotir" Osornio

  • 4. AR/Robert

  • 5. Jacob "Duston" Furrh

  • 5. LV Force|Jose "Romance" Navarrete

  • 7. Andy "Andyocr" Huynh

  • 7. HelpMePractice

Samurai Shodown: East Coast

  • 1. TxC|Marcoantonio "Marco Polo" M.

  • 2. SMRT|Nigel "TSF" Tsang

  • 3. DTN|Brandon "Ghost The Trinity" Stephen

  • 4. TopHard|Luis "Cochory" Chavarria

  • 5. Ronald "royalpsycho" Meeks 

  • 5. PFGC|Braghton "Brankton" Conner

  • 7. DMV|Nikki "Shadekill" B.

  • 7. Andrew "PR_Lowell" C.

Samurai Shodown: West vs. East

  • 1. TxC|Marcoantonio "Marco Polo" M.

  • 2. Daniel "Gorro" Serna

Granblue Fantasy Versus: West Coast

  • 1. motohosports|Michael "Silent" Hernandez

  • 2. Maverick

  • 3. Johann "UTJ" Agnir

  • 4. AF|Julio "juliocrivera" Rivera

  • 5. Majin VeDjeeta|Michael "Crackin Atkins" Atkins

  • 5. Kyle "KyleP" P.

  • 7. HIG|David "Higashi" Higashi

  • 7. Raymond "RadicalRayy" Chun

Granblue Fantasy Versus: East Coast

  • 1. Kelly "SQ" Chapdelaine

  • 2. Emmanuel "PME" Calderon

  • 3. Reginald "FluxWaveZ" P.

  • 4. DEB

  • 5. TCOL|Greg "56k" Rodgers

  • 5. Tyler "Diaphone" K.

  • 7. Andres "Slay" C.

  • 7. Stefan "SJ" Johnson

Granblue Fantasy Versus: West vs. East

  • 1. motohosports|Michael "Silent" Hernandez

  • 2. Kelly "SQ" Chapdelaine

Marco Polo and Gorro both topped their respective games and beat the winner of their rival region. This performance makes them Ronin Rumble's best Samurai Shodown and Granblue Fantasy Versus players until next week. 


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