Rockstar gives everyone GTA$1.15 million for free

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Shake off your summertime sadness with GTA Online massive giveaway

In case if you’ve missed the memo, Summer ended last week and kids are back to school. Rockstar decided to jump at the students who are getting bored with their classes and persuade them to check into GTA Online. If you log into your dusty GTA account right now, you’ll get a one-time GTA$250,000 bonus. On top of that, your avatar will become GTA$150,000 richer every day you log back in. This giveaway galore continues for 5 days till September 10th, granting everyone a chance to raise GTA$1,15 million in total.

Rockstar developers also prepared a new competitive mode called “Trading Places (Remix)” where players take the role of Beast with a cloaking ability or Juggernaut with thermal vision and a serious arsenal of weapons. Winning in this mode grants you double GTA$ and RP till September 17th.

Fans of vehicles also get some love as GTA V introduces Canis Freecrawler which is based on real life Rezvani TANK SUV — one of the most recent inventions of the American car industry. The vehicle is pretty fast but heavy weight won’t allow it to fly high in the air.

Canis Freecrawler with full upgrade set costs about GTA$800,000, so now you have at least one idea how to spend the money Rockstar is giving everyone this week. If you are planning to stick to GTA Online beyond September, maybe it would be better to put this purchase on hold and wait for inevitable discount.

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