Rocket League is giving players double the XP this weekend

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Rocket League is giving players double the XP this weekend

Psyonix holds such weekend event for the first time since the game was introduced

Many games have leveling systems that don’t make any sense, unless you care about a number displayed near avatar in your profile. The first time I noticed this tendency was in StarCraft 2 when Blizzard introduced it years after the game was released. A system like this also existed in Rocket League, where players get experience leading to level-ups.

Until recently experience points didn’t mean a thing in Rocket League and players were capped out on level 75. When Psyonix started Rocket Pass in September, they removed the cap and began giving out cosmetics when players would level up. Suddenly experience points became relevant and players started to care about their level.

This weekend, for the first time since the release of the game, Rocket League holds an event giving players double XP. The LTE is live already and will continue till October 15, 19:00 CEST.

Usually, during such events publishers tend to provide discounts to further incentivize players to jump in. As of this moment we haven’t heard about any discount and if you want to play Rocket League, you’d have to pay the usual $20 on PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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