Road to TI 2018: Team Serenity

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We continue looking at teams that set their foot at The International this year

Summer is the time of vacations, heat and The International that will take place August 15 to 25 in Vancouver, Canada. Of course, many people want to attend the event not just as a player but also as an analyst, commentator and, at least, as a spectator. Every team has gone through a lot, struggling along the way to the main stage of the year. Today we will talk about Team Serenity.

As far as the esports industry is concerned, the organization is considered quite young. It was established in September of 2017 by a person called 富贵. His nickname translates as “rich” which speaks for itself, I guess. During the short period of time the squad managed to change four players due to poor results. In March of this year Zhang “Zyd” Quanda joined the team replacing Li “mianmian” Zimeng and finalizing the roster for current time.

Roster :

Jin “zhizhizhi” Zhiyi
Zhang “Zyd” Quando
Zhao “XinQ” Zixing
Xiong “Pyw” Jiahan
Xioa “XCJ” Chaojian

Journey through the qualifiers

The open qualifiers for Minor and Major events have become sort of a gateway to The International. The team fought its way to the closed qualifiers to Supermajor, ESL One Birmingham, EPICENTER XL and DAC but didn’t get to the main stage because of serious competition.

Four strong squads from the region were directly invited to Vancouver which made it easier for the teams in lower tier. That’s basically the reason why open qualifiers were a piece of cake for Team Serenity where the guys outplayed CDEC Gaming and Sun Gaming with the TI 2016 winner iceice in the roster. The closed qualifiers did not seem to be as easy but still didn’t cause too much trouble for the Chinese team. In the group stage Serenity only lost to two teams: Keen Gaming and For the Dream. In the play-offs, the squad won over LGD.FY (2:0) and over Invictus Gaming (2:1) which opened the path to the big event.

Key to success

What made the roster so unique and successful? Naturally, one reason is the players who do their best to achieve victory. Interestingly enough, Serenity has no famous players widely known to big audiences. You might have heard something about some of them but once over lightly. This is the only team with all the five players playing their first TI.

Surprise factor is another key to victory. This is probably the best way to describe Zhao “XinQ” Zixing. As perhaps one of the most prominent part of the roster in China, he first was noticed at a Dota2 related show. XinQ easily and casually outplayed his opponents one after another, while simultaneously eating ramen. It’s worth mentioning that CEO of LGD Ruru was standing behind him all the time watching this spectacular action. After the successful display of his skill, XinQ got invited to TongFu but the flashy player couldn’t fit into the team because of the character and him trying to stand out by all kinds of unusual hero builds. After that he jumped from team to team until he ended up in Team Serenity where he was still making flashy plays and builds. For instance, the Blink Dagger and Dagon build for Queen of Pain deserves a special notice.

We know much less about other players in the team. Jin “zhizhizhi” Zhiyi are more famous outside China due to his wonderful play at ESL One Hamburg as a part of Keen Gaming but unfortunately, that was his peak at that point. Their mid player Zhang “Zyd” Quanda is known as a player in second rosters of CDEC, Wings and FTD. The support duo – Xiong “Pyw” Zixing and Xiao “XCJ” Chaojian – are new to the pro scene and did not play for popular teams before.

What should we expect from Serenity?

You know, as they say, “Expect nothing and will never be disappointed”. Serenity are newbies of the high-level elite league and surely have every chance to repeat the success of CDEC or Wings. And if they won’t, no one will blame them. We can only wish them the best of luck and hope to see them play the best game.

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