Road to the TI 2018: PSG.LGD

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We continue our publication series about TI teams

In our world everyone has to do something. Someone came out with an idea that every person has to become someone: dentist, pilot, policeman, doorman or priest. And so, our heroes decided to become Dota-players and have already strived to the biggest tournament in Dota 2 – The International championship. Let us witness the path to their cherished goal.

The beginning of the season 1718 was not fortunate for them with only second place in PGL Open Bucharest as a decent result. Then the owner Pan “RuRu” Jie decided to take charge of training process of the team in her hands and stated that she needs six months. She did not lie - the results have advanced quickly. Third place in DotA Pro Circuit rating. $1,300,000 prize has been achieved and title of the main contenders for the victory well deserved. The team success after such a turning point many can only envy. Especially, after LGD began their partnership with a major sport organization Paris Saint-Germain.


For half a year under RuRu supervision the team managed to achieve such results as:

  • 2nd place in StarLadder I-League Invitational Season 4 — Minor

  • 5th place in ESL One Katowice 2018 — Major

  • 2nd place in Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 — Major

  • 5th place in Dota 2 Professional League Season 5 — Minor

  • 1st place in EPICENTER XL — Major

  • 1st place in MDL Changsha Major — Major

  • 3rd place in China Dota 2 Supermajor — Major

Chinese copy of success

They love to copy everything they can and cannot in the Empire: cellphones, tablets, cars, weapons and many others. Style of the game was not an exclusion, that is why LGD fixed their gaze upon Liquid and Virtus.Pro. It should be pointed out that the knowledge they gained spying on others has paid off. The team have started to play more active during lane phase, mostly due to support playing aggressive. The variability of player picks of the third position has allowed them to swap in on the lane. The choice of strong core characters contributes to a calm farm in the early phase and achieving such a necessary advantage. As a result, hard lane puts a massive pressure on the opponent and gain more creeps. Also, takes kills if there is an opportunity. Thanks to the hard lane diversion, mid lane gains enough space to farm, because enemy supports do not intervene. Which is often used by Somnus and having the right hero he can gank other lanes. If their plan with early aggression succeeds and they gain dominance, their team wins with the chance of 90%. It easy to guess, that the idea to execute the early phase in this particular way was mostly borrowed form VP. Methodical and structural mid-game where the towers and Roshan are gradually getting taken has been peeped out from Liquid. As a result, we are having a team, that absorbed the best from the strongest opponents, but at the same time having a bigger variety of heroes and actions on lanes.

What can be expected from PSG.LGD?

Most of fans think, that traditionally this year Chinese team must win again and this team is going to be PSG. Others, that the team deserves to enter Top-4, but no more. There is also a point of view, that hence to Liquid and VP have shown how should be played versus them, LGD will not be able to show high results. The only thing that can be said for sure is – this team is really strong. Titanic effort has done its job and should not being stopped at this point. As experience has shown, the favourites can lose, along with the underdog being able to win. We are expecting an incredible Dota plays from this team on The International.

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