Riot shared the future plans for Teamfight Tactics

Jul 05 2019 2 min read

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In a recent blog update, Riot Games has laid out its plans for the autobattler's future and respond to some of the feedback received from fans. 

Patch 9.13 will continue to receive balances and fixes every few days, leading up to 9.14. The post shared information on ranked mode and reiterated its beta season would begin in the next major patch. 

It turns out fans were right, Twisted Fate is the new champion coming to TFT. The pirate sorcerer will also be arriving in patch 9.14 along with UI updates like tooltips and clearer descriptions. 

Riot plans to add new content almost every patch, right up to the end of the season. Each season is expected to last about 3 months, with the next season planned to bring a second set of units, consisting of new and origin champions. 

Regarding fan feedback, Riot admits TFT's RNG is a bit hard on players. So they'll be making a series of changes which includes guaranteed drops and are even considering other drops besides items like XP and gold. They're even looking at how to "integrate Summoners Rift, ARAM, TT, and TFT into one cohesive experience." 

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