Riot removes KirinSupreme from the OCENA Qualifier Final

Aug 16 2020 2 min read

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Even though we think that the biggest companies in the world don't make any mistakes, the recent situation with Riot Games proves us wrong. Just one day before the beginning of the Teamfight Tactics OCENA Qualifier Finals, Riot Games had to remove KirinSupreme. Needless to say, this one of the best TFT players out there, so this was definitely a controversial decision.

What caused the problem?

According to the official information, KirinSupreme was removed because he was apparently "ineligible" to take part in the event. As you probably know, the OCENA Qualifier Finals will feature players from North America, as well as Oceania. Twenty four players will go head to head in order to decide which two of them will go to the TFT Galaxies Championship. This is going to be the biggest event of the year and it will take place in September.

KirinSupreme was one of the players that everyone was eager to watch. However, according to Riot, they've discovered an issue with the residence of the player. Kirin said that he followed the rules and even got accepted into the tournament.  However, Riot admit that they've made a mistake, which is why they've decided to remove the player from the event. Instead of him, players will be able to watch Escha, who is also a pretty famous name from the OCE region.

Although the situation sucks, Riot at least apologized to Kirin and promised him it will try to avoid such issues in the future.

Make sure to watch the tournament because we will have some amazing series ahead of us. Although most people have their favorite, this is an event where everything is possible. Don't forget that the stakes are pretty high, which means that people will do everything they can in order to get a slot for the biggest Teamfight Tactics tournament.


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