Riot might have leaked the next League of Legends Champion

Aug 14 2019 3 min read

Riot might have leaked the next League of Legends Champion ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Following Riot Game's recent update to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (9.17 PBE), the developer accidentally uploaded the wrong image for Elderwood Nocturne's special loading screen. 

The image posted has a woman standing with a large weapon on her back, a red scarf and glowing blue eyes. In her left hand is what looks like smaller versions of the weapon on her back. The image is heavily distorted and the weapon(s) in her hand are also pre-rendered, suggesting that whoever this is, she's still in the planning phase. 

She doesn't appear to be an existing champion in the game, with the community already trying to guess what her abilities might be, her role, etc. Riot has made no statements about the image and has since removed it. 

The update also introduced the new feature called Eternals, which showcases champion-based achievements. They are unique perks that reward players by providing them with a new progression system that they can show off in-game. Sets of three Eternals can be acquired using Riot Points, with each representing different gameplay pillars based on the ancient Runeterran gods. There are six in total. 

  • The Warden represents those that control champions in fights through CC and two of its associated champions are Sejuani and Nunu. 

  • The Protector represents damage / CC mitigation through tanking, shielding or prevention. Champions include Braum and Shen. 

  • The Empress rewards flawless play or decision-making and includes champions like Fiora and Ezreal. 

  • The Guide rewards those that enable teammates to make plays and stay in the fight. Soraka and Sona fall under this Eternal. 

  • The Warrior represents those that damage in the most brutal, straightforward way possible. Mordekaiser and Darius are examples. 

  • The Trickster rewards those that use deceitful and manipulative mind games. Shaco and Teemo are sample champions. 

The PBE patch also includes, 

  • Elderwood skins for Ahri, Nocturne and Veigar. 

  • Infernal skins for Galio, Shen and Varus. 

  • Chromas for the new skins introduced in the patch. 

  • 5 new summoner icons. 

  • Three new Teamfight Tactics themed emotes.  

  • A couple of balance changes. 


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