Riot Games' Teamfight Tactics AMA details

Jun 21 2019 3 min read

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The developers at Riot Games recently held an AMA on Reddit to gives fans the opportunity to learn more about Teamfight Tactics. Eighteen devs showed up to answer player questions and both parties generally seemed to have a nice time. 

Questions were frequently asked about a timeline for the game's persistent login errors and damage bugs. While the game was undergoing maintenance during the AMA, fixes were being implemented to the game to address some of the damage bugs. As for the login errors, players would unfortunately have to endure a bit longer while the devs root out the elusive cause.

One major piece of information shared was about the game's mobile client. Riot Games has no plans to bring the game to mobile devices just yet. Their plan is to ensure the PC side of things is in top shape before pursuing that angle. Especially since there expertise and existing fanbase are all on PC. 

Naturally this brings up the question of how they will manage to compete against their competitors, Drodo Auto Chess and Dota Underlords whom both now have mobile clients. The Riot devs didn't seem to be worried about giving them a head start though. 

Other interesting tid-bits from the AMA include, 

  • Ranked play will work similar to how it does in Summoner's Rift. 
  • TFT will not have a promotion series. 
  • Players will be able to queue with up to 5 friends for gold and below. 
  • Players will be able to queue with up to 3 friends for platinum and above. 
  • Players will win or lose LP for every opponent they place higher/lower than, based on the difference in skill level between them. 
  • Not all champions are expected to make it into TFT
  • Champions that do make it in will do so based on the needs of the whole TFT roster and existing meta. 
  • Champions will be rotated out of the game as the need arises. 
  • Players should expect a couple of changes to the HUD. 
  • The RNG element bringing early-game items will be changed to create a less random experience. 
  • The team is exploring keyboard and mouse shortcuts that will ease scouting and UI actions. 
  • With regards to monetization, TFT will stick to cosmetics like in LoL, and not pay-to-win items. 
  • The team is considering adding a paid event pass. 

Concerns were made about the possibility of players abusing the game's friend system to fix matches, but the devs don't see this happening. However, they're prepared to change their strategy if things go otherwise.  

Riot Games especially want to make sure TFT remains a fun and social experience for all. The devs hinted at many more mechanics to come too, so don't expect TFT to get stale anytime soon.

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