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In anticipation of LCS 2014 summer season Riot Games is pleased to introduce a beta version of Fantasy LCS.

In anticipation of LCS 2014 summer season Riot Games is pleased to introduce a beta version of Fantasy LCS. Those who actively follow sport events (football, hockey, basketball, etc.) certainly know about this fantasy game.

If you have never heard about it before, then we will explain briefly. Fantasy LCS offers you the opportunity to try yourself as a manager. You can create your own "dream team" by gathering all your favorite players together. Based on the results showed by the chosen players, you'll get points and take an appropriate position in the ranking.

Participatory process in Fantasy LCS is as follows:

Create or join the league in Fantasy LCS

Everything starts from the possibility to create your own league and invite friends to it. Then you can start the process of draft.

If you received an invitation to join the league, you need to follow a special link to register and name your team. Then you have to wait for the moment when creator of the league will announce the beginning of draft. Remember, beginning of draft cannot be earlier than beginning of LCS Summer 2014.

Create a team

You can create your team of players from North American and European LCS. You and your friends are able to choose any player and form your own "dream team".

You can select players for the following positions:

- 1 Top;
- 1 Jungle;
- 1 Mid;
- 1 AD Carry;
- 1 Support;
- 1 Flex (extra player at any position);
- 1 team (you can choose one team: Cloud 9 or Fnatic, for example);
- 3 reserve players, which can replace players of the starting line-up.

Draft takes place in real time and all participants have only 1 minute to make choice for each position. During the draft you will be able to sort the players by positions or find a certain player by name. When it is your turn to choose, you just drag an appropriate player to your team.


Prior to beginning of each gaming week you set the starting line-up. And exactly your ability to predict how good a certain player will be this week will determine whether this week ends with your victory or not. However, you have to remember, as soon as the official matches of LCS started, you cannot change the line-up anymore until the end of the week. You can do this only upon the end of the gaming week.

Changes in team’s line-up 

If there are free players remained after draft’s completion, they get a status of free agent. You can invite such players to your team at any moment and they will replace the players you want to change. You can add a new player to the starting line-up only after having this option unlocked before the start of forthcoming matches.

Matches viewing

After forming your own line-up you just watch the matches and follow the games of players you have chosen for your team. This will allow you to evaluate the real situation and to correct your line-up at the right moment by adding players, which, in your opinion, will be more efficient and bring you more points the next time.


Each week you will counter the other teams of your league. You will get points according to the real performance of players in LCS. Remember, only players of starting line-up bring you points. Reserve players don’t bring you any points.

Points are awarded to players as follows:

- Kill: +2 points;
- Death: -0.5 point;
- Help: +1.5 point;
- CS: +0.01 point;
- Triple Kill: +2 additional points;
- Quadra Kill: +5 additional points;
- Penta Kill: +10 additional points;
- 10 + Kills / Help in game: +2 additional points.

Points are awarded to a team as follows:

- First Blood: +2 points;
- Kill of Dragon: +1 point;
- Kill of Baron: +2 points;
- Destruction of tower: +1 point;
- Win: +2 points.

Official site of Fantasy LCS

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