Riot Games reveals TFT Galaxies Pass and Galaxies Pass+

Mar 03 2020 2 min read
Image via Riot Games

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The latest update for Riot Games' Teamfight Tactics has revealed that the Galaxies Pass is leaving its "beta" phase. The new update shows the two battles passes that will be in the game in the form of a Galaxies Pass and a Galaxies Pass+

As you can probably guess, the Galaxies Pass is a free version of the battle pass, while the Galaxies Pass+ is a paid version. Both passes work on a single-track system, meaning that as you progress, you will be progressing across both passes simultaneously if you choose to purchase the Galaxies Pass+. If not, you still have access to completely free content, and if you want to buy the pass at a later date, you will maintain the progression you have already made.

The TFT Galaxies Pass+ will be 1350 RP, or $10. The Galaxies Passes will run until June 9, 2020, at 11 AM PT.

Riot Games also announced with this update that they were actively working on Ranked Rewards. These rewards are being implemented to reward content based on achieved ranks in the Ranked mode. They also stated that they would be awarding a Little Legend for the Rise of the Elements and for the original TFT ranked season. You can expect to see these in a "couple of months." 

The addition of Galaxies Passes also brings three new Little Legends and three new arenas to the game.


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