Riot Games reportedly planning a League of Legends World Cup

Nov 12 2019 2 min read

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According to a report by ESPN's Tyler “FionnOnFire” Erzberger, Riot Games is planning to create a League of Legends World Cup event. 

Although it won't occur next year and possibly not the year after, FionnOnFire states that Riot hosting an LoL World Cup is a matter of when and not if. It will probably take the developer years to achieve but this is because they wish "to do it right."

According to the report, the main reason why they'll be taking so much time is that player schedules are already busy, so Riot wants to make sure the World Cup fits comfortably into the calendar. If done properly, the pros should not only be willing to compete in the World Cup but also able to do so. 

Last week in a press conference before the Worlds Finals in Paris, Riot’s global head of esports, John Needham was asked whether the company has any plans to create an LoL World Cup. He replied that it was a frequently debated question at Riot and that he hopes to have something to announce soon. 

Needham's words and FionnOnFire's report both give the possibility a lot of hope. Fans have been asking for the chance to cheer their nations in LoL for years now. The closest to such an event was the 2011 Sound Blaster Nations Championship which featured seven country teams but wasn't sanctioned by Riot

The number of esports titles that hold World Cup events is slowly growing. This year was host to Overwatch World Cup, the StarCraft II Nation Wars, PUBG Nations Cup, and Fortnite World Cup, to name a few. 

FionnOnFire says World Cup certainly won't be held in 2020 and it might not be in 2021 either. However long it takes though, Riot is determined to make sure it's done properly


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