Review of the 7th week of LCS EU Spring 2014

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Post review of the seventh week of LCS EU, or "All good things come to an end."

Post review of the seventh week of LCS EU, or "All good things come to an end."

Surprises from Roccat, pleasantly surprising "Wolves", a long-awaited victory of Fnatic and crushing defeat of Gambit Gaming - all this you can find in this review.

Central fight of the first day, of course, was the game between Roccat and Copenhagen Wolves.

Contrary to predictions, this game was not easy for Polish team. The very first battle turned into a double kill for "wolves". Then they walked towards the goal confidently, taking all the dragons and destroying enemy’s towers, but there are some doubts about their victory. Within ten minutes Trundle was running on the bottom lane, and his team was running around Nashor, showing a kind of activity. Once again, having cleaned Baron of wards, they decided to take him, by the way, successfully. During buff they managed to lose Trundle and took two towers. After another five minutes of mutual standing near Roccat’s base, the Poles decided to start a battle, but 15,000 lag in gold did its job and "wolves" managed to push defense, having taken two towers at the base, although they couldn’t destroy the inhibitors.

Roccat, apparently, got tired of this long game and decided to rush Baron. The battle started, and Roccat managed to take Nashor, but lost 4 champions, 3 towers, 2 inhibitors and 1 nexus. Winning of the brave Copenhagen guys was a logical outcome of this fight.

Regarding the other games:

Alliance overplayed Fnatic almost in everything. Irelia (as well as Sivir) managed to leave "0" in the column with number of deaths, and Karthus, performed by Froggen, was amazing. It was a deserved victory of Alliance forces!

Victory of Gambit Gaming in a game against Millenium was not less deserved. Lulu, performed by Alex, was very good, contrary to the predictions of skeptics. Control of map together with income received from the objects becomes the key to victory. Darien gathered manamune for Aatrox, reasoning it by the shortage of mana. Fairness, it should be noted, that after this he really didn’t have any problems with mana.

In a game against Supa Hot Crew, SK managed to implement Pantheon in the forest, which helped to gain the advantage at the beginning of game, and control of objects increased this advantage. SK won this game without any serious problems.

The second day. And…

What a pain, what a pain! Fnatic vs Gambit Gaming: 17-0.

The game ended exactly with this score, and caused a lot of angry comments about the Russian team. Too self-assured actions of Darien played against him. Earlier he did it often. It wouldn’t be very good if he starts to do this again. Fnatic showed themselves on a level which they had in the beginning of season. Now they were playing as a team. They gave only one dragon to their opponents, but in other cases they did not leave even a chance, and punished for any mistakes. They showed a great game. Yes, "gambits" showed themselves not from the best side. But it’s only one game, the team has to move forward and simply forget it.

Regarding the other results:

Although Copenhagen Wolves started their fight against Millenium quite well, but they could not hold the advantage and made their fans to be nervous a bit. Caitlyn, performed by Forgiven, became the key to the victory in an important fight near Baron, and then simply brought victory in the game.

Roccat, being the favorite in the game against Supa Hot Crew, decided that they could relax and lost control of the objects, lost all the lines, and even in the forest everything was not so smooth. Gragas, performed by Moopz, was very good. Several excellent ultimates did their job, and now we can only congratulate SHC with a victory and feel pity for Roccat. This week they were left without victories.

Alliance hoped to have not the most difficult fight against SK. But Sivir lost positionally, Irelia didn’t manage to wait until her best times, and Orianna missed aims with ultimate more often than enemy Nidalee did it with her spear. As a result: in the midgame it was clear that this match will be won by SK. And it happened according to predictions.

Results of the week:

The main event of the 7th week is the end of unsuccessful series for Fnatic. They returned with a flourish. But whether their return will be effective?

During 2 weeks «Wolves» do not know defeats and rise higher and higher.

Roccat stumbled twice, which allowed Gambit to share the first line with them.

It is worth also to remember about SK Gaming, which continues to please its fans, getting closer and closer to the leading group.

The abovementioned confirms that European season is unpredictable. Everyone can beat everyone. For example, the first place team can lose 17-0 to a team from the middle of the grid.

It’s difficult to predict something. That’s why let’s just enjoy the game, because this show is made for us, ordinary fans. And it's awesome!

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