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Yesterday the third day of WePlay LoL Invitational tournament finished, and it brought us unforgettable matches. This time we had a possibility to see six games (the previous days we could enjoy only 4 games per day)!

Yesterday the third day of WePlay LoL Invitational tournament finished, and it brought us unforgettable matches. This time we had a possibility to see six games (the previous days we could enjoy only 4 games per day)!

If you missed something, we offer you to watch the previous matches and to remind you how it was.

The first game

The first game of the third day at once set the pace for all future games. If in previous days players couldn’t decide in what way they want to play (aggressive or passive), TCM-Gaming and AT Gaming firmly decided that they will play to the last, devoting 100% of themselves to the current game. That’s why all the games of these teams turned too protracted.

In the first game, AT Gaming received the initial dominance, in particular, their mid lane player Lapras who performed a superb game for Riven. At the 20th minute AT had almost 5.000 gold more than their opponents. But TCM’s focus on the late game gave its results.

At the 25th minute they successfully conducted a fight near Baron Nashor, which showed an obvious strength of Olaf and Varus in this game. Further fights constantly brought kills to both teams, but now it was clear that Jax and Olaf of TCM in the late game are better than Rumble and Aatrox. Even losing in gold by 6.000 to the opponent, they managed to kill four players of the opponent team two times and end the game.

In this game we should separately mention Riven from AT Gaming who, in fact, did almost all the work in the early game, being 7/0 at the 20th minute. But also a true value of Olaf’s great game from TCM was seen in the late game, and finally it decided the outcome.

TCM won the game.


The second game

In the second game TCM decided to put hopes on the late game again, having chosen Olaf and Jax. But AT, having understood that they have to outdo the strong champions of opponent team, decided to respond in the same way by choosing Singed and Vayne.

Beginning of this game looked like the previous one. AT was winning on lanes, getting the first kills, but TCM all the time was breathing down AT’s neck, trying to overtake the enemy in gold. Having free access to the minions, AT’s shooter showed a great game and good control of map with the help of Vayne, when he singly ruined three towers on the opponent’s bottom lane and almost destroyed the inhibitor. Exactly that started the whole further actions, and Vayne was the center of those actions. Even despite the fact that Jax was getting as many minions as he needed, he could do nothing against Vayne and Singed.

In the end of game it became clear that TCM lacked literally 5-7 minutes to ensure the confrontation to AT again. The last-mentioned understood that and tried to finish the game as quickly as possible. The last battle ended with the event when three AT survived players tried to destroy the enemy’s Nexus along with a huge number of minions, having forgotten about rival’s champions.

АТ won the game.


The third game

In the third game it was felt that the teams were tired of intense games. Choosing of champions was quite balanced for both teams; each team depended on a strict hit to abilities. Only this could guarantee the victory in battles. But, again, because of the tiredness, it succeeded not to everyone and not always. Mistakes in use of Gragas and Orianna ultimates, who generally had to predetermine the outcome of the battle, affected the rest of the team: unnecessary enemy attacks, fights near the towers, pushing lanes without map viewing.

In general AT showed an excellent game, as in previous games, having shown its dominance on the lanes. TCM also were trying to catch up with their rivals, and they were succeeding until they didn’t start making mistakes and permitting the opponent to catch them. At the 29th minute Baron Nashor sharply changed the outcome of the game, which seemed to be already decided in favor of AT.

TCM showed the remarkable readiness, which allowed them not only to destroy the entire mid lane, but also to leave only 100 health at opponent’s Nexus. However, AT tried to do something with the help of Lissandra’s teleport, but it didn’t help.

Finally the tense game ended in favor of TCM, although AT obviously was in the lead in all the previous games.


TCM won the game.

The first game

While watching the first game of this pair of teams, it was an impression that they were playing not Bo3, but Bo1. This game was so aggressive, so strong as for the battles, the amount of earned gold and the activity of each player of both teams, that it put all the previous games in the shade. 63 minutes of intense battle for the victory in the first game showed us the true power of CW and HT.

Heroes Team set the pace of the game from the very beginning, starting with an aggressive attack on the bottom lane. HT jungler - Kikis - showed a great game, in every way helping his lanes to overplay the opponent team. But despite the constant enemy’s preponderance by kills, Copenhagen Wolves were chasing the enemy thanks to their farm.

Once the teams realized that this game will not be as fast as they expected, players began to tread carefully in every way trying to take possession of all the important objects in the game, viewing the map and trying to catch the opponents on their own mistakes. All the battles were always stable (2-3 players constantly died in each team), and then everything were returning to passive farm.

Baron Nashor became the breaking point for CW team at the 62nd minute when, instead of killing the enemy, they were finishing off Baron, and lost three players in this fight.

HT deservedly wins in this tense and the longest-running match of the last days.

Heroes Team won the game.


The second game

The second game was a little one-sided for CW. Howsoever HT players tried to stop the crazy Amazing, who fully justified his nickname in this game, they could do nothing against the beefy Olaf. He was breaking into the thick of the battle, making several kills and quietly returned to allies.

All CW’s game strategies were tied on the jungler, who always appeared at the place where he was most needed. As a result, completely defeating their rivals on the lane, CW got an easy victory in 25 minutes.

Copenhagen Wolves won the game!

The third game

And once again Amazing from CW showed his worth, but this time he was not the main force of the team as it was in the previous game. All the kills he gave to cowTard, who played Gragas. Besides that CW mid lane player overfarmed the opponent, he also managed to make a lot of damage, as compared to the entire rival’s team. Without collecting anything for defense, but aiming at a full damage, Copenhagen Wolves were destroying the enemy in every possible situation.

Starting from the 13th minute, HT spent almost all the time under their towers, escaping involvement into the battles and trying to get as many minions as possible. But CW was not stopped even by towers, which were falling one by one almost every minute.

CW got an easy victory, but we will remember the first game of these two teams for a long time. It can even become the most spectacular and the longest-running game of the whole tournament.

Copenhagen Wolves won the game!

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