Results of the Second Semifinal of WePlay LoL Invitational

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The last semifinal was probably the most intense.

The last semifinal was probably the most intense. Starting from the first game (it lasted almost an hour) it was evident that the teams will not give a victory easily and will be trying to do everything to defeat the enemy. Unfortunately, again, as it was in previous days, there were some connection problems and client errors.

But let’s review things in their order.

*картинка команд*

The first game

KMT showed quite an aggressive game from the very beginning. Players put special emphasis on the bottom lane, trying to take the bottom tower as soon as possible. During the first 15 minutes both teams had almost equitable positions, only iPG lagged for a couple of kills, but then everything started to grow like a snowball. Towers and dragons went to KMT, but there weren’t still any major battles, kills were taken only by ganks. But when time came to team battles, Renekton showed an excellent game and virtually alone led his team to the finish line. Just within one battle he managed to destroy KMT’s snowball and start the stage of domination for his team. iPG tried to act based on the tactics of KMT’s early game, trying to catch their opponents one by one. They needed it, because, despite their advantage by kills, they lagged for 5000 gold.

All the time KMT sagged under the pressure of iPG, but there was one battle that turned in favor of none of teams. KMT, using a low level of enemy’s health, managed to kill Baron, but every mistake, even a small one, has a very expensive price on the 50th minute of the game. Killing of KMT’s player forced the team to remain at the base in anticipation of the enemy, even having Nashor buff in their possession.

The final battle was in favor of KMT. Its players successfully repelled an attack of iPG, but again Renekton along with Lee Sin showed their worth here. They managed to destroy the inhibitor, and while KMT players were digressed on killing minions at Nexus, they used Flash to destroy the main building of the Blue team.

iPG won this game.

The second game

KMT, having realized their mistake of the last game, decided to play super aggressive, trying to destroy opponents on the lane from the start with the help of their jungler. Fiora showed an excellent control of the champion on the middle lane. Her gank on the bot, perhaps, was decisive in this game. Along with Lucian, who outstripped his lane opponent for 70 minions at the end of the game, they carried out an excellent battle, but finally died by hand of iPG’s Vayne because of the greed. Despite this, Fiora received a strong advantage over opponents, and killed Baron as well as dragons only strengthened it further.

Sharp and very confident game of KMT brings them quite an easy victory.

KMT won this game.

The third game

In this game KMT’s jungler showed his worth. Having control over Lee Sin, he successfully helped his allies on lanes without being afraid of making kills. Constant pressure, which he was exerting on the lane of opponents, affected their game: iPG started to lose towers and dragons, also the lag in gold influenced players’ subjects more and more.

Battle by battle KMT gained strength, and it was impossible to stop them. If we compare this game with the first one, all the team fights of this game were always in favor of Polish team. After another battle, which increased the distance in kills to 11, KMT killed Baron and finished the game.

KMT won this game.

Unfortunately, the fourth game was not recorded due to a bug of Spectator Mode. But in this game iPG won and equalized the score by matches to 2:2.

The fifth and decisive game started with constant reconnects of KMT’s players, so Polish team capitulated and gave a victory to iPG.

We would like to remind you that SK Gaming became the first semifinalist of the tournament, and now we know the second one – it’s iPG team.

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