Results of the First Semifinal of WePlay LoL Invitational

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24 hours after the end of quarterfinal matches we were able to see the first semi-final match between The RED and SK Gaming.

24 hours after the end of quarterfinal matches we were able to see the first semi-final match between The RED and SK Gaming. In these games Europeans showed themselves very confident, demonstrating their excellent skills of aggressive playing in any conditions.

Let’s remember the games.

The first game

The game was held under the slogan "junglers decide the outcome of the game." SK Gaming’s jungler set the pace of game, around which all his team was turning. Excellent counterjungle, thanks to which every blue buff remained with SK and did not get into the hands of The RED’s mid-lane player. Russian team didn’t manage to destroy any towers in this game, and only Fomko looked confident on his lane. The rest lanes were losing on 15th minute not only in farm and gold but also in pushing.

Only two team battles decided the outcome of the game in favor of SK Gaming.

SK Gaming is the winner.

The second game

This time the active part of game was on the top lane. SK Gaming’s Rengar showed fantastic skills of controlling this champion, he even succeeded to survive in 2v1 situations. In this game The RED managed to take only one tower, but hard dominance of SK Gaming didn’t leave any chances to them. Together with SK Gaming’s jungler performed by Xin Zhao, Europeans showed an excellent control of the situation. They were overplaying opponents easily and surviving on the minimum levels of health. The game ended on the 21st minute with a crushing score of 23:2.

SK Gaming is the winner.

The third game

Despite the fact that SK Gaming relaxed and made more mistakes than their opponents, once again they managed to prove themselves as an aggressive team aimed not for getting kills, but for towers destruction and seizure of objects on the map. Even if the score of kills was at the same level all the time, but the towers, dragons, and Baron at the end of the game were owned only by Europeans. They left no chances to win for the Russian team. On 18th  minute  SK Gaming managed to get to the Russian base and destroy two inhibitors.

It is also worth to note that two players of The RED left the game on the 19th minute, leaving their three players to fight till the 20th minute, and then to surrender to the enemy. It was a very unsporting behavior.

SK Gaming is the winner.

Next time we will see the second semi-final which will be held between H2k-Gaming and Intellectual Playground.

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