Results of clanwar between MAFIA and ELG

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Last Friday a clanwar between MAFIA and ELG was held.

Last Friday a clanwar between MAFIA and ELG was held. This clanwar opened a series of events called "Let’s make a clanwar!" on WePlay.TV portal.

As it was expected, MAFIA dominated at the Sawmill in hardcore mode. ELG gave a worthy rebuff, but generally speaking they had nothing to oppose the true hardcore professionals. Result of Old_sawmill2 HC TE is 3:0 in favor of MAFIA.

Situation changed radically with the change of mode and map. On Evac2 TE in normal mode ELG didn’t leave any chances to MAFIA, which was also quite predictable. 3:0 in favor of ELG on the second map, and nice fighting draw on the results of clanwar!


You can watch records of clanwar battles here:

1. Old_sawmill2 HC TE

2. Evac2 normal TE

Clanwar had the character of a friendly match for promotion of tournament/clanwar 5x5 format. Both teams showed a good game and respect to each other.

This event showed that idea of clanwars with announcement and live broadcasting is interesting for clans and spectators, so we decided to continue a series of similar events:

► ELG clan will play a clanwar against S.P.E.C. clan on the next Friday at 20:00 Moscow time.

► MAFIA invites clans to play clanwar against them in hardcore mode at any time.

► Any clan can apply to the administration of WePlay.TV portal with an application for clanwar organization between any two clans!

► Also, the first tournaments (including 5x5 format) will be held on WePlay.TV portal next weekend – hurry up to participate!


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