Resident Evil 2 Remake: Puzzle Solutions

Jan 31 2019 5 min read

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Resident Evil 2 offers many challenging puzzles to solve (you have no other options), additional modes to unlock and several final act endings. The unprepared player will not be able to immediately access all available content, so we answered all most popular questions below and described how to solve this or that riddle. 

Where to find all medallions

If you want to quickly run through the main story — you need to understand where all the Goddess statue medallions locate, as well as how to solve all the puzzles associated with them. This is not a trivial task. 

The Lion Medallion is the easiest to find out of all three, but with a certain probability, you can miss it. Just climb the stairs to the second floor in the main hall and look at the statue in the shape of... a lion.

Solution A: Lion, Lion, Branch, Eagle

Solution B: Crown, Candle, Bird

Unicorn Medallion. Just complete the story tasks until you get the pliers to open chained doors. Use them at the large office entrance (first floor, east side). You can find a round knob that allows you to turn off the steam in the shower on the second floor. Once you pass this zone, you will enter the corridor to S.T.A.R.S office and a pantry. You need to go through the door at the end of this corridor to find a statue of a unicorn along with a medallion. 

Solution A: Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius

Solution B: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

The Virgo Medallion is the last statue to find and medallion to grab. Virgo is located in the western repository behind the locked gate, where the explosives are set. You will need a battery from the S.T.A.R.S office to blow up the C4 (read above how to sneak in it) and an electronic gadget from the operating room. Combine these items and remove the door. The third item awaits there. 

Solution A: Virgo - Bow - Snail (the most damaged plate)

Solution B: Aries - Harp - Bird

Once collecting all the medallions, go back to the main hall and activate the Goddess statue to gain access to the secret room.

The dashboard in the underground garage/prison (only for Leon)

Playing for Leon, you will need to turn on the power distribution panel. Everything is simple here — pull the 3rd and 4th tumblers.

Wire puzzle

This puzzle is different for Leon and Clare, but the overall essence remains the same. Similar to Marvel's Spider-Man mini-games. 



Sherry's Cubes Puzzle (only for Claire)

The starting layout is always random, but the final picture looks the same:

Chess puzzles

After the lower sewer pipe, your character enters the consumables' storage. Find there the figures of the King and the Queen — apply them to the doors one by one. Both pieces will come in handy in the next puzzle.

Next, you need to place the figures in the plugs in the correct order.

Solution A:
Left side: Elephant, Rook, Horse
Right side: Pawn, Queen, King

Solution B:
Left side: Queen, Elephant, King
Right side: Pawn, Rook, Horse

Lab Access Code

Not the most obvious riddle, but the tip here is keyboard characters placement — this is a standard dial lock like all the safes or a mobile phone with buttons.

Solution А:
3123, 2067

Solution B:
2048, 5831

Drug synthesis 

Use the codes from the last clue and get straight to the drugs production device. You need to place a dispersion cartridge in it and start the drug synthesis. There are 3 colored buttons on the panel, click them in the order shown below. 

Solution А: Red, green, blue, red, green, blue, red, green.
Solution B: Blue, red, green, blue, red, green, blue, red, green.

How to unlock the true ending

Once you complete the campaign as Leon or Claire, there will appear an additional option in the menu before starting the second storyline. Choose the other character and start an alternative plotline. In the final act, you will have the true ending. 

How to open the 4th Survivor scenario (Hank)

Along with the true ending, a small but extremely tough additional scenario will become available — play as Hank, one more human to survive the T-Virus leakage. The goal is to get to the evacuation point. The scenario is all about 10 minutes, but the thing is how many tries you need to succeed. 

How to unlock Tofu

After completion Hank's campaign, there opens a mission called 'Tofu Survivor'  with a giant piece of cheese as the main actor. This is a kind of reference to the original Resident Evil 2 and the most difficult test of the game, because your character can only run without the ability to use any weapons. 


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