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Sep 28 2018 17 min read

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The Insane battle starts today! For 5 blazing days starting from September 28th up to October 2nd, 8 European teams are going to brawl for a prize pool of $50,000 and a Reshuffle Madness championship title! 

The tournament will progress in a double elimination scheme. Each day will consist of 3 matches in BO3 format. The only exclusion will be the grand final, which will be held in BO5 format.  

Where can I watch the games? Follow this link


Alliance - Team Empire


Ferzee vs Semi-Final winner

Ferzee vs The Final Tribe 2:1

The first game (Ferzee 0: 1 The Final Tribe)

Ferzee began drafting with a choice of Phoenix with Treant Protector, and the Swedes responded with Ogre-Magi + Mirana. The third hero for TFT was Jakiro, completed with the Arc Warden and Visage. Ferzee got the Drow Ranger, Storm Spirit and Chaos Knight.

The first blood for Ferzee, killing the opponent on the top line. They provided farm for Storm Spirit, and he made a decisive contribution to the fight for Roshan, where Ferzee managed to turn the teamfight and seize the situation on the map.

The Final Tribe managed to comeback, taking advantage of mistakes from Vanskor. The defence of the base ends for Ferzee with three heroes in the tavern and destroyed barracks of the central line. The CIS team tried to regain its advantage in an attempt to take the next Roshan, but lost Aegis. At the 34th minute, TFT had mega creeps and this did not allow Ferzee to go offensive even after they won teamfight. The Swedish team regrouped, went to the base and finished the game.

The second game (Ferzee 1: 1 The Final Tribe)

Drafts of the second game began with the pick of The Final Tribe, which decided to pick Tiny and Ogre-Magi, and the CIS-team chose Phoenix + Ursa. The third hero for Ferzee was Necrophos, he was immediately countered by Pugna. The draft of Centaur Warrunner with Templar Assassin from CIS team and Mirana with Dark Willow from Swedes finished. 

The start was good for TFT - they performed lanes better, killed more and got slightly more farming. The situation changed a bit when Ferzee got the Roshan at the 16th minute. The teams played passively, only 19 murders by the 28th minute. The second Roshan also went to Ferzee, who managed to push away rivals from roshpit and take Aegis, going forward to 20 thousand networth advantage. At the 42nd minute, Ferzee went to high ground, destroyed two lines and retreated to heal and restore mana. Two minutes later the base of The Final Tribe was done and the score in the match equalled.

The third game (Ferzee 2: 1 The Final Tribe)

The decisive duel between Ferzee and The Final Tribe was opened by the draft of Winter Wyvern from the CIS team and Weaver + Phoenix from TFT. Ferzee got Bloodseeker, Centaur Warrunner and Storm Spirit with Rubick. The Scandinavian team got Tuskar, Monkey King and Necrophos.

A strained start came in both teams: the Swedes were using the mobility of Chessie on Monkey King, and Ferzee were trying to find some farm for Bloodseeker. The mobility of the TFT allowed players to tear down the tier-1 towers along all the lines and break out ahead on the net worth. Ferzee managed to be comeback thanks to a timely call on Roshan - the Swedish e-sportsmen did not expect this and Aegis got to their rivals. 

Ferzee took advantage and in a brawl in the Roshpit managed to get 11 thousand of net worth advantage. 

The Final Tribe did not fail and held a couple of successful fights, instantly regaining the chances of advantage. The next Roshan went to the Swedes and everything turned upside down again.

At 50th minute, both teams went teamfight on the "roshpit", which ended in favour of The Final Tribe, but the Swedes made a mistake entering the high ground and lost two chars.  On the 65th minute, Ferzee initiated a brawl on the roshpit, left the Swedish team without buybacks and went to high ground to finish this long game. Bravo!

Natus Vincere vs Team Empire 1:2

The first game (Na'Vi 0:1 Team Empire)

Natus Vincere began drafting with Nature's Prophet, and the Empire had a proven duo of Magnus + Windranger. "Born to Win" answered by choosing Drow Ranger and Winter Wyvern, finishing Storm Spirit with Axe. Team Empire made it to Ogre Magi with Pugna and Troll Warlord.

Сonstant fights on the lines from the beginning became 3:5 for 9 minutes with the advantage of Team Empire. Na'Vi did nothing to counter the Troll with Anti-Mage and by the 28th minute Empire's gold advantage was 21 thousand. Team Empire took another Roshan, went to high ground to finish off the opponent and Na'Vi wrote "GG".

The Second game (Na'Vi 1:1 Team Empire)

Treant Protector, Phoenix and Clinkz from Natus Vincere, and Team Empire again got Magnus + Windranger with Oracle. The draft from the Empire ended with Dragon Knight and Juggernaut, and the "yellow-black" bet on Templar Assassin and Brewmaster.

Apparently, Natus Vincere woke up on the second game - by the 17th minute, "Born to Win" had already led 14: 5 and 6 thousand on net worth. The advantage of Na'Vi grew with every minute - the team confidently won most of the team's games and in half an hour no one doubted her victory. The score was equal, 1-1.

The third game (Natus Vincere 1: 2 Team Empire)

Team Empire decided to take the Treant Protector with Phoenix this time, and Natus Vincere responded with the Ursa + Tiny pick. Empire decided to take Templar Assassin, not to give the character to the opponent. Immediately reached the "Imperials" Mirana and Venomancer. Natus Vincere took Winter Wyvern, Morphling and Batrider.

Slightly more active Empire began the third game, trying to prevent the situation in the last round. Templar Assassin in the middle clearly outplayed Tiny, MagicaL experienced obvious problems against Cooman. Natus Vincere returned to the game closer to the 10th minute, managed to kill Templar Assassin a couple of times. "Born to Win" failed teamfights, they tried to split the lines and were waiting for a mistake of Team Empire. At the 23rd minute, the Empire entered the high ground but retreated after buybacks. At the 29th minute, Team Empire took the central barracks and lost the only hero, moved away. Natus Vincere tried to risk and break into the roshpit, but lost Aegis and retreated, giving Team Empire 24 thousand net worth. The advantage became even greater - the Empire tried to press, "Born to Win" stubbornly resisted. At the 40th minute, Empire took the remaining side from Na'Vi and won the game along with the match.

Odium vs Team Empire 1:2

The first game (Odium 1:0 Team Empire)

Odium did not change traditions: Earthshaker, Enigma and Phantom Lancer often appeared for this team throughout the tournament. Team Empire responded with a choice of Ogre-Magi, Pugna and Vengeful Spirit, which also fit their pool in the match. The last pair of chars in Odium became Ember Spirit with Lich, and Empire took Bloodseeker with Lone Druid.

The start of the first game turned out rather passive - the teams tried to achieve their primary objects and only then Odium actively got to business. Aggressive play from the Lils team allowed to break out ahead on net worth and kills (8:2). Excellent start gave Ember Spirit, and the team by 21st minute already led 21:5, almost did not make mistakes and did not give Empire a chance. The Empire were falling apart, their attack on the enemy Phantom Lancer was not so successful that the team simply wrote "GG" and left the game collectively.

The second game (Odium 1: 1 Team Empire)

Team Empire changed the draft strategy, chose Treant Protector with your favourite Weaver and Pugna. Odium took Bloodseeker with Lich, countered Pugna with Nyx Assassin, repeated the move with Ember Spirit and ended up choosing Wraith King. Team Empire got Axe and Morphling.

The first blood went to Team Empire - the team decided to do no mistakes of the previous game and play aggressively against Ember Spirit on the central line. The first Roshan was taken by the Empire - Odium did not even try to resist. But they tried to fight on their own high ground and on the 25th minute they left the game, the score equalled.

The third game (Odium 1: 2 Team Empire)

Odium decided to steal the opponent’s Ogre-Magi and Axe with Pugna. Team Empire responded with Lich + Weaver, adding Tusk. The last characters for Odium are Lina and Faceless Void. Empire draft has ended after choosing Anti-Mage and Batrider.

Again, the active start from Team Empire - 3:0 at the start and aggression on lines. At 15th minute Odium failed another fight, losing three chars. Odium competently pushed mid and overtook the enemy on the net worth. At the 36th minute, Empire managed to break out ahead thanks to a good fight and killed Roshan. At the 42nd minute Team Empire went to the high ground with Aegis, broke one of the sides and moved away. Everything was worse and worse for Odium, the team was locked on the base, and Empire took a Roshan and went to high ground to finish the game, 2:1.

Team Empire vs The Final Tribe 1:2

The first game (Team Empire 0: 1 The Final Tribe)

Team Empire began drafting the first game with Weaver, and a double pick for The Final Tribe was Earthshaker with Mirana. Empire got a stack of Phoenix, Tusk, Axe and Terrorblade. TFT answered Winter Wyvern, Phantom Lancer and Storm Spirit.

The beginning was left for the Empire - the team managed to make five kills by the 8th minute. TFT lost two towers - in the centre and on the upper line to the 17th minute, and after a couple of minutes two more. The first Roshan went to Team Empire. The second Aegis was also taken by Team Empire, which could finish the game. At the 44th minute, The Final Tribe managed to win a fight for Roshan. The game became more nervous, positional and confusing. At 57 minutes TFT could break the second side on the opponent's base, but for some reason, they went to fight under the fountain and lost the chances to break the throne immediately after the fight. But they got back in a couple of minutes, winning a smart fight with the help of Storm Spirit and Earthshaker. One - zero in favour of The Final Tribe.

The second game (Team Empire 1: 1 The Final Tribe)

TFT opened the draft by choosing Weaver, and the double pick of Team Empire got Silencer with Pugna. The Swedes immediately reacted - Chen. Their opponents picked Windranger with Magnus and Anti-Mage. The Scandinavian team completed the draft with Centaur Warrunner, Vengeful Spirit and Arc Warden.

This time, TFT started a better game than their opponents, gained an advantage, very well defended their lines and began to initiate teamfights. At the 20th minute, the Empire lost barracks on the top line, but managed to counterattack and throw the opponent back, gradually catching up with The Final Tribe on the net worth.

By the 35th minute, the game was completely level, TFT could win a fight and went to provoke the Empire for buybacks. Team Empire in response immediately switched to Roshan, took it and went to take over the high ground. They succeeded and the score was even, 1-1!

The third game (Team Empire 1: 2 The Final Tribe)

On the third decisive game, TFT chose Weaver + Chen, and the CIS-collective double picked a proven duo Windranger and Magnus. Team Empire took Undying with Troll Warlord and Venomancer. The Scandinavians settled on Dark Willow, Batrider and Necrophos.

The beginning of the game was for The Final Tribe, who were in no hurry to get into fights and calmly farmed on the lines. They were the first to demolish a couple of enemy towers, although the Empire became more dangerous in the teamfights. At 14th minute TFT got the first Roshan and Empire were forced to defend their own high ground. The Swedish team managed to break the opponent's lines and hunt for singles thanks to the mobility of Weaver.

On the 31st minute, The Final Tribe went to high ground, broke the second side at the base of the opponent and forced Team Empire to surrender.

Odium vs Alliance 1:2

The first game (Odium 0: 1 Alliance)

Alliance picked Earth Spirit and Broodmother, Odium responded with Io + Gyrocopter, getting Earthshaker, Oracle and Legion Commander. The Scandinavian team got Bane with Venomancer and finished the draft by choosing Ursa.

Teams began with striking the runes and met a fight five to five. Odium was stronger - 2:0 at the start of the game. At the centre, Earthshaker dominated Broodmother, the 2000 gold advantage was for the CIS team, but Alliance began to wake up. Qojqva on Broodmother went into the forest to farm, the Scandinavians managed to get Roshan, but lost a couple of teamfights after that and the game levelled. But on the 19th minute Alliance made a teamwipe and strongly forwarded, having the second Roshan. After eight minutes, the Scandinavian team breaks the bottom line of opponents, holding Odium at the base.

Half an hour of the game behind and the Scandinavian team has complete dominance on the map. The third Roshan - Alliance with the advantage of 14 thousand net worth. CIS-team was making mistakes and lost for 40 minutes 

The second game (Odium 1: 1 Alliance)

Alliance began drafting with Weaver and Phoenix, and Odium took a double pick with Silencer + Earthshaker. The Scandinavian team answered with the choice of Chaos Knight, Alchemist and Tusk. Lil completed the draft, having Axe, Phantom Lancer and Dragon Knight in the pool.

Alliance actively started the second game, immediately beginning pressure on all the lines - 7:1 to the fifth minute and 2k advantage for Europeans. Odium tried to come back to the game, they forced fights, but the guys from Alliance at the start of the second game showed the skill of a different level. Affected by the recent decision from Odium - the replacement of two players before the start of the tournament could not help but affect the game of the team. On the 21st minute, Odium returned to the game with a smart fight 5 vs. 5, caught the opponents on the roshpit and turned the favour. By the 32nd minute the score was already 35:25 in favour of Lil and his team, and after 7 minutes Alliance surrendered on their high ground.

The third game (Alliance 2: 1 Odium)

Alliance decided to take a chance with Weaver and Winter Wyvern. Odium responded with the pick of Tiny + Silencer, took Enigma with Anti-Mage and surprised opponents with the choice of the forgotten Bounty Hunter. Scandinavians intensified Treant Protector with Arc Warden and finally took Brewmaster.

The third game began with constant manoeuvres from both teams and the first teamfight had to wait 12 minutes. Alliance started more vigorously thanks to "unstoppable" from Weaver, but Odium stubbornly clung to the game and only by the 30th minute lost the lower barracks. The CIS-team tried to counterattack and even went to the enemy high ground. At the 38th minute, the Europeans killed 3 and took Roshan. The game dragged on - Odium snapped, not allowing the opponent to finish the game with one or two fights. At the 48th minute, Naive alone won a team fight and allowed the rest of the team to go to the roshpit, where the Alliance arrived, leaving the rival one living hero. Scandinavians immediately went on the attack on highground under the "smoke" and managed to break the throne. A hard victory for Alliance.

Alliance vs Team Spirit 2:0

The  First Map

Alliance decided to pick Earthshaker, Broodmother, Mirana, Brewmaster and Ancient Apparition. Team Spirit responded with Tiny, Silencer, Necrophos, Troll Warlord and Batrider

Team Spirit got the first blood, so “fng” and co start leading in net worth. However, they could not sustain the advantage forever, Alliance start playing very aggressive and gain a lead of 3k gold with the score 11:6 on a 20th minute. Three minutes after, they got such a strong upper hand that they decided to go for Roshan, destroyed T-2 and pushed their net worth advantage up to 7k gold. The rest of the game was predetermined by Scandinavian confidence and game advantage. Great start for the Alliance and a well-deserved victory.

The Second Map

The picks were Mirana, Chaos Knight, Phoenix, Tusk and Arc Warder for Alliance. Treant Protector, Dark Willow, Terrorblade, Lina and Tiny. Even though Team Spirit played a good and balanced game in the beginning, but Alliance were great at split-push and took couple kills due to their great strategic game. On the minute 10, Scandinavians rolled through the top and start growing their net worth. Winning a clean teamfight Alliance wiped out Team Spirit’s midlane. Alliance have shown a great game and how strong they are, by leading with a 14k networth advantage on a minute 16. 2:0 for the Alliance.     

Ferzee vs Natus Vincere 2:1

The First Map

The picks for Na’Vi were as followed: Chen, Rubick, Bloodseeker, Enigma and Invoker. Ferzee decided to play with Weaver, Ursa, Phoenix, Axe and Lina. Ferzee has drawn the first blood on Rubick, but  Natus Vincere responded firmly and made a triple kill, which equalized the game and “SoNNeikO” played a major role in it. Na’Vi had a 4k net worth lead on minute 12 with the score of 12:4. Ferzee were able to farm and catch up with their opponent in gold, but still were not strong enough in teamfights.

On a 27th minute, Ferzee mad an attempt on Roshan, won a teamfight and got the lead. Five minutes after Ferzee made a teamwipe, destroyed tier-3 tower on a bottom lane and gained an advantage of 14k in net worth. First map victory goes to Ferzee 1:0.


The Second Map

Ferzee selected Weaver, Earthshaker, Vengeful Spirit, Necrophos and Underlord, while Natus Vincere picked Nature’s Prophet, Rubick, Centaur Warrunner, Drow Ranger and Clinkz. Ferzee have grasped the game in their hands since the beginning of the game, killed first Roshan, but lost the Aegis right away with two teammates. Na’vi slowly came back into the game with a proper ward-placement, couple teamfights in their favour. Nevertheless, Ferzee tricked them and took Roshan again which made a game equal for both teams and incredibly exciting. 

On the 46th minute, Ferzee have killed Nature’s Prophet, defending their bottom lane and went for a counter attack, reaching Natus Vincere’s high ground, but could not proceed any further and finish the game. After which in the late game, Na’Vi got mega creeps and made a teamwipe near Roshan pit, winning the map and making the score equal 1:1.

The Third Map

The final map started with Na’Vi picks: Chen, Phantom Lancer, Treant Protector, Zeus and Batrider. Ogre Magi, Lina, Tidehunter, Necrophos and Luna were chosen by Ferzee. 

During the game, some technical issues occurred along with a substitution for Ferzee. Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naidenov joined the Ferzee squad. The aggression from the start was a signature for Ferzee during this day. They start pushing the bottom lane. Na’Vi, tried to catch up and rushed on Ferzee but unfortunately for them, it only resulted in losing a teamfight. On the 18th minute, Ferzee took first Roshan and broke down the tier-2 mid tower. Half an hour into the game and Ferzee have already had a 12k advantage and after two fights murdered Roshan, took Aegis and after two attempts were finally able to put to an end this confrontation. The final score is 2:1 for Ferzee.

Odium vs Elements Pro Gaming 2:1

The First Map

Odium started their draft by picking Earthshaker, Enigma, Ogre Magi, Lina and Luna. Elements Pro Gaming selected Wraith King, Undying, Winter Wyvern, Necrophos and Broodmother. Both teams were proactive and were constantly looking for fights. The game was intense and already on the 4th minute, the score was 5:1 for EPG. The Serbo-Croatian squad responded with small fights and duels, which helped them to equalize the score a bit. Even though Odium looked stronger, EPG caught their opponent on each mistake they made and finally killed 4 Odium players. After which the game was jumping back-and-forth for both teams and no one could get a steady advantage over their opponent. The game ended when Odium were able to catch EPG and kill them one-by-one, get Aegis from Roshan get to Elements highground made a teamwipe and finish the game.


The Second Map

Earthshaker, Pugna, Oracle, Lina and Terrorblade for Odium, as well as Necrophos, Phoenix, Vengeful Spirit, Phantom Lancer and Zeus were picked by EPG

Unlike the first game, the second game was quiet and steady. The first blood was drawn on a 9th minute by Odium. There were a few fights and the game was played accurately by both teams. On the minute 23, EPG decided to kill Roshan. Granting Aegis gave them the confidence to initiate a teamfight, get 4 kills and get to the highground. Odium went for a counterattack, destroyed the tier-3 top tower and fell back to restore their might. 

Elements Pro Gaming took another Roshan, but nearly lost the game, but Odium made a mistake themselves after which they were only defending their base until EPG made a final push and finished the game, the score became 1:1.


The Third Map

Elements Pro Gaming chose to pick Wraith King, Crystal Maiden, Ogre Magi, Terrorblade and Ursa. Phantom Lancer, Earthshaker, Phoenix, Batrider and Ember Spirit were chosen by Odium

In the attempt to push through the bottom lane by Elements they overestimated their abilities and gave the first blood and a networth advantage to Odium. On the 25th minute, Odium made 4 kills and pushed the central barracks but made a mistake, gave 2 kills to their opponent and were pushed back. 

When the Serbs went to a Roshpit, “Lil” reminded everyone that he is still able to carry teamfights after which Odium pressed to the highground and finished the game. 2:1 Victory goes to Odium


Elements Pro Gaming vs Team Spirit 0:2

The draft for teams was held with a DJ CHE. Why not?

The First Map

EPG has picked Phoenix, while Team Spirit responded with Miranda and Winter Wyvern. The Serbs decided to pick Phantom Lancer, Undying, Nigma and Kunka. The "fng" squad has finished the draft with Legion Commander, Lifestealer and Zeus

A sudden substitution in Elements Pro Gaming squad. The sick "BoraNija" was substituted with "MinD_ContRoL" from Team Liquid. The first blood was drawn by Team Spirit, they start playing their game since the start of the match, but the Serbs got used to their new member really fast and began catching up with their opponent steadily. One successful teamfight let EPG gain an advantage, and shake off enemies from tier-2 tower and destroy it afterwards. However, Team Spirit was able to come back into the game and get 4 kills and take first Roshan. The first game was exciting with a lot of interesting teamfights , but the winner could be only one and this time it was Team Spirit, by playing the first game a little bit better and performing a great macro-control and duels.

The Second Map

The second map started with Weaver, Phantom Lancer, Nyx Assassin and Keeper of the Light for Team Spirit and Zeus as a fifth hero (who was one of the reason Spirits won the first map). EPG chose Wraith King, Dark Willow, Phoenix, Axe and Templar Assassin for "MinD_ContRoL". 

Team Spirit made an attempt to take over the game from the first minute, but Elements were desperately fighting back in order to stay in the tournament. The Serbs start winning teamfight after teamfight and were managed to have a 7k advantage in net worth on the 14th minute of the game. Nevertheless, Elements Pro Gaming began feeling so ahead of the game, that they made a big mistake on the 20th minute and gave Team Spirit some extra gold, which helped them to come back into the game.

Team Spirit came back into the game on 27th minute assassinated the courier with items for Wraith King on board. Later on, they start killing Elements. The Croatian and Serb squad made couple more mistakes and could not handle Spirits pressure. 2-0 win for Team Spirit



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