Release of Gauntlet is postponed

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The modern version of the game of 1985 called Gauntlet will be released with a delay


Release of Gauntlet is postponed

The modern version of the game of 1985 called Gauntlet will be released with a delay.

Old-school gamers of 1980s should remember one of the first multiplayer arcade games of those times - Gauntlet developed by Atari. In it players accomplished the cooperative “investigation” of dungeons, simultaneously solving all sorts of puzzles and destroying hordes of enemies.

After almost thirty years the tandem of Arrowhead Game Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment publisher has decided to reincarnate Gauntlet, bringing the idea of the mentioned game into conformity with the technical characteristics of gaming platforms of 2014 year. But the task turned out to be more difficult than it had supposed to be before. So, the developers of remake has announced the postponement of release date to 23 September (initially the release was scheduled for September 3). To be more exact, the developers did not have enough time to improve the multiplayer component. Well, let’s hope that additional twenty days will help developers to accomplish the task with an “excellent” mark.

By the way, all gamers pre-ordered the game will receive a free special bonus item as a compensation for the delay - The Spawn of Kerthul, a garment for magician, which is made of dead imps.


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